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“Shawn Taylor's first hand life experiences as an oysterman, carpenter, cabinet maker, homeowner, father, husband and Appalachian Trail 'Thru'-hiker are readily apparent in his songs. His keen eye, soul-drenched vocals and steadfast acoustic fingerpicking punctuates his musical canvas with a skillful, heartfelt flair reminiscent of troubadours John Prine, John Gorka and Bob Dylan. But make no mistake, Taylor is his own voice. With three albums under his belt and another on the way, Shawn Taylor is one of the finest singer-songwriters on the scene today.”

Brian Owens - Metronome Magazine - Boston

“Shawn Taylor describes himself succinctly when he calls his music “original, bare bones Americana with a heart and a mind on ‘home’” On his new album of the same name. Taylor drops nine well penned numbers and two readily identifiable covers on listeners that are fueled by his stellar, campfire storytelling voice, deft acoustic guitar picking, wailing harmonica work and astute observations of everyday life and it’s unpredictable intricacies. It’s a delicate, well played slice of American roots music that’s as satisfyin’ as a warm, home cooked meal. Joined by musicians Paul Opalach on bass (who recorded, mixed & mastered the album), Jim McKeeman on guitar and harmony vocals, Chris D’Amato on National steel guitar, Nathan Bontrager on cello, Nick Longo on drums and Lee-Anne Lovelace on harmony vocals, Taylor adds their exceptional respective talents with the same savior fair as a world-class chef seasoning. [find the FULL review at www.ShawnTaylorTunes.com]”

"Home" - Review (excerpts) "Shawn Taylor has mellowness to his voice that works well against the frenetic flash of finger-picking that is the foundation of his songs... It is Americana stripped of its outer skin. The songs crackle with the guitar work... Shawn Taylor uses words as weapons on Home, showing that his pen beats the sword for cutting through the crap as it seeks the truth of contemporary life"

"I've really enjoyed listening to this band."

Jose Feliciano 3/17/13 @ Smokin' With Chris - Southington, CT

"Shawn, in my mind, is the real deal."

Jim Dubinski - WUVT, Va.

"Shawn is a master balladeer & troubador"

Remo Ricaldone - American Roots Radio - Italy

"Shawn dives directly into folk/blues with heart and soul, telling stories of real people with real hardships, all backed by a finger-picking style that can be crass, gentle, fast or simple, what ever the moment calls for, and led all the time confidently with his gruff and raspy blues voice. He’s found originality within his genre. A tough thing to do." 8/10/11

"A smoky tenor that exudes confidence and authority... & a smooth command of the difficult [country blues] finger-picking style ...weaves his own tunes flawlessly together with folk-revival classics" - James Velvet, New Haven Advocate 2011.

James Velvet - New Haven Advocate

"Shawn Taylor is a poet of decay" "On Saturday night I caught singer/songwriter Shawn Taylor at Acoustic Café. He has a wonderfully damaged voice - a sort of Tom Waits "I gargle cinder blocks in the morning" growl, but less of a put-on than Waits' bark. His lyrics dabble in a wonderful gritty naturalism that's uncommon around here... check him out." - Dan Barry

Dan Barry - New Haven Advocate

““Free” is a very well produced set of good time songs that will have the listener coming back again and again.”