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““I like the sound from the very beginning! Very interesting and catch beat to listen to. I love love the guitar and drums together! This song sounds great and I would listen to it again and again. No instrument is over powering the other and provides a great balance. Once the voice comes in the music balances out once again. I find his voice very different which is a good thing because different is what sells.””

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““The beginning of the song got my hooked. The guitar is awesome. and i love the use of the drums that is be played in the song. The melody to these instruments is very cool. I could actually listen to this all day. And the artist can really sing.””

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““A feel good introduction to a feel good song. The picking of the guitar with the tambourines and the drums gets you into that summer drive feeling. The tempo is just fast enough to keep you entertained while keeping you laid back. The nirvana reached when listening to this song is more than evident to the listener as soon as the vocals hit. The vocalist hits you with a feeling of emotion and pain as he belts out his jams. The lyrics are powerful and meaningful, making you hooked to the story. The song is a great song, with the opportunity of being an indie hit.””

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“I think On The Vine Again is the best! I believe you've chosen the right path with your music and god bless your way!!!!”

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“...for whole day i'm listening ur music. I gave link to ur songs to my friends from many countries...and they really like it....!!!! Thx!!!”

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“About the tunes: they are really good, I love the sounds... I've been really captured by this one which is called Feels Like Home. I really like it!!”

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"Hi turtle my name is kelee and I love ur music"

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“Great originals”

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“An awesome mix of folk rock and acoustic groove.”

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