Shawn Paige Blues Band / Press

“There is a new sound to an old style in Tampa Bay. The Blues have been around for over a 100 years and has since given birth to many of the music genres we all know and love such as jazz, rock, and soul. However, these styles have found a fun, funcky, and fiery incarnation in the Shawn Paige Blues Band. One is guaranteed a good time when watching the performance, listening to the vibrant tunes in styles that stem from the blues, and listening to the banter tossed between band members. The combined energy of LaSala's fills, Lewis' grooving bass lines, Jackson's howling vocals and chunky rhythms, and Paige's fiery, bluesy solos satifies a souls deep hunger for uplifting inspiration. in short, the Shawn Paige Blues Band makes a great performance for a great evening. If the groups soul and stamina on stage is any indication of thier future then it can be prophesied that the good times delivered by the Shawn Paige Blues Band will roll on for a long time to come.”

12 Bar Rag - 12 Bar Rag