Shaun Ruymen / Press

“Shaun Ruymen — Luckiest Man Alive Shaun Ruymen hails from old burg of Princeton and, like his Ivy Leagued home town, he shows some upper class performance and style with his newest EP titled Luckiest Man Alive. Now, I’m not sure if that title pertains to his personal situation or his chosen profession, but if it has anything to do with his music, he’s got a good head start in the fortune department. Ruymen demonstrates seasoned pop sensibilities here, mixing acoustic guitars with funk-inspired beats, bass, and strings while making good use of dynamic space. If you’re a fan of Jack Johnson or California’s Matt Costa, then this will appeal to your audio sensibilities. The production of Pat Noon (NBC Sports, Warner Brothers Records, Wu-Tang/Think Differently Corp) is crisp and clean, the writing is focused and the vocals are somewhere just east of Jason Mraz territory......read more....”