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“Sharon Marie is a favorite in LA's Jazz club scene. She preforms regularly with the finest jazz musicians in the most exclusive rooms on the West Coast.”

“Carrying on the smoky-voiced tradition of an artist like the late, great Sarah Vaughan, Los Angeles-based songstress Sharon Marie Cline paints her way through a program of a dozen classic and original tunes on her new album, This Is Where I Wanna Be. Her phrasing is inventive, often creatively arresting. Her interpretations are molded emotionally and musically rich. This is a voice to be reckoned with.”

"Vocalist Sharon Marie Cline reaffirms her status of being one of the best singers of today with her new album "This Is Where I Wanna Be". Accompanied by the band she rehashes romantic compositions in her own style, giving them a glimpse of love, passion and dreams. She is presenting her new CD in cities across The North..."

“Sharon's a great example of a singer who knows how to bring an audience into her universe. She wins her way into your heart the first time you hear her.”

“At first, in Ivan Lins' Love Dance, Sharon Marie Cline's style seems to be one of near-melismatics and evanescence, the sort of music you want to drift off to under a canopy of stars and dreamy eyes, a nice long 6-minute immersion in gentle hedonisms. ... ... Don't just dig the eros of the disc's ambiance, don't merely melt into the frequent etherealities, but also pay heed to the architecture of every cut and see where Sharon Cline's jazz heart really is, because, as much as her accompanists are on the spot and the music beguiling, it's her and Eames' architecting that really make This is Where I Wanna Be what it is.”

"Originally a lighthearted song about lovers in the rain, Cline turns it into a moody and seductive slow dance that leads to some optimistic improvised lyrics and vocalizations at the end – almost as if the sun is just about to peek out from the clouds. That’s a perfect metaphor for Cline’s emergence. This is where jazz vocal fans are going to want to be too!"

“Cline does a fine job making each song her own. "Sugar on My Lips" features a sexy blues guitar by Jacques Lesure. Cline sings "Laughter in the Rain" in a breathy, confidential way, as though she's sharing secrets with her best friend.”

"Her velvety voice caresses Ivan Lins’ “Love Dance” and Tom Jobim’s Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars” with Brazilian charm, and makes them fit in like a puzzle along with swing era pieces like “If Dreams Come True.” She does some marvelous things with Rogers and Hammerstein’s “Happy Talk” and sounds convincingly vulnerable on “How Long Has This Been Going On.” Eames’ own “This is Where I Wanna Be” has some impressive lyrics by the vocalist, making you hope she does a release of her own material. You’ll like her!"

“Sharon approaches her material with a deep appreciation of jazz history, delivering a variety of standards, show tunes and classic jazz ballads with a smooth, clear voice. She is very secure in her abilities and sings without resorting to the technical histrionics afflicting too many jazz singers these days.”

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“Sharon's a great example of a singer who knows how to bring an audience into her universe," Williams said. "She wins her way into your heart the first time you hear her." Read more: http://www.nctimes.com/entertainment/music/californian-cline-sings-from-the-inside-out/article_1a4e5cc2-9e4d-5663-9b7c-b0319c2a468c.html#ixzz1m6eJjkm5”

"Sharon Marie Cline is a true Jazz vocalist based in Los Angeles, with wonderful styling and poise.... her trio is phenomenal and the pairing of all musicians are a must see/hear."