Shark Tape / Press

"Their breezy, harmonious, and well built pop beat out Good Old War for the Philly title with a scant four songs and fifteen minutes."


"Lilting sounds wander in to the hearing range as Shark Tape deliver a complexity of music which defies the reality of three players. The material has an entrancing quality as the instruments merge one in to the other, delivering a sound which is both familiar and simultaneously new. The vocal surges powerfully through the music adding a sharp definition to the band. These are highly competent song-writers who have learnt their craft well."


"Shark Tape are an 80′s influenced (a little Echo & the Bunnymen here, a little early U2 there) power pop-rock trio."

"I was heartened to reveal a band that had fully and unmistakably arrived, utilizing every ounce of potential they could muster."


"The four-song Shark Tape EP has all of its ’80s college-rock ducks in a row. Think Echo and the Bunnymen, early U2, the Stone Roses—fattened up with a selective ’90s diet of grunge and Brit-pop."