Shark Fighter / Press

"We have booked Shark Fighter the past two years for our annual holiday party in December. They are everything a client could ask for in regards to promptness, professionalism and set list. They are also just a great group of guys - super easy to work with. We look forward to booking them once again for our event in 2014!"

Susan Boyle - Insight Global

“Shark Fighter is the definitive GO TO band for festivals and events if you want great party rock from the 80’s to today!”

Shane Aubrey - USA Entertainment

“The guys in Shark Fighter are one of those professional and nice group of musicians who I know will show up on time, ready to put on a killer show. Having them at an event takes one less worry off of me and my staff - I know they'll do their part to really entertain the crowd.”

Tim Sweetwood - Bowery Presents : South

“Thanks again for Shark Fighter's participation in Campfest 2013 benefiting Camp Twin Lakes! I speak for everyone by saying you guys really rocked out and made it entertaining for everyone. We are happy there are bands like yourselves that understand the importance of giving back to the less fortunate and applaud your continued interest with our organization. From front to back, it has been a pleasure to work with Shark Fighter and we look forward to many other events with you all.”

Alex Wright - Camp Twin Lakes

“What would be the lineup for your dream gig? If my band had to the open the show, it would be for The Jesus Lizard. I’d want to be first so we could get out of the way of David Yow: someone told me a story once of him jumping on a guy in the audience and giving him a bear hug and would not let go; can you imagine? They would kill it, though, and people would just beat us up for being lame…that Yow has some antics, man. But if my band had to have openers…I’m talking to you, John Stamos, Johnny Depp, and Rick Springfield.”

“We highly suggest seeing Shark Fighter!...Go find out why for yourself!”