Sharel Cassity / Press

“Sharel is another no-nonsense lady of the horn, and this is a crackling release with a New York tight sextet. ...her solos have an insurgent quality...her beautifully rounded soprano jumping out of the speakers unannounced, showing off articulate phrasing...and her alto wanes with deep blue melancholy."”

"Sharel has learned a lot about the language of jazz. And she has the ability to speak it. The only thing she needs is more exposure to speak it to more people. She's always interested in new things and what she's hearing, and in the history of the music. She's great now. But she is always searching, like all of us. The sky's the limit. She's a worker."-Jimmy Heath

"Ten Future Jazz Stars to Watch"

““Sharel Cassity has the potential to be one of the leaders of this genre’s next generation” ”