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“SharBaby, The Blues of a Lioness> The legends are often recognized only after their death, SharBaby had the pleasure of recognition out of the ordinary. The same day of the centenary of Muddy Waters, founding father of the blues, wide spread around the world. And SharBaby can claim as his successor.”

“Like Gip Gipson and Daniel Day says "SharBaby attracts some of the largest crowds in his two performance spaces"”

“SharBaby and her band have managed to carve out a unique niche in the blues scene not only in Birmingham but Worldwide.”

“SharBaby Inducted into "Blues Hall of Fame" Nov 29, 2012 <Master Blues Artist>”

Daniel S. Marolt - Blues Hall of Fame

“SharBaby Press! "Award-Winning singer headlines 11th festival" in Norfolk, England! Appearing with the Dave Thomas Band who played with Jefferson Airplane, The Doors, Deep Purple and Genesis.”

Amy Smith - Expressions

“SharBaby's 11 O'Clock Blues CD Review: " I had a lot of fun with this record. You sing with a lot of personality and tell stories well. I especially enjoyed " Busted", "Remember When", "Red Eyed Snake", and "Keep your Mind to Your to Yourself" . I had a good time with this album and I'm sure I'd enjoy seeing you live. Thanks for sharing the good music."”

Bruce Iglauer - Alligator Records &amp; Artist Management, Inc.

"4th Annual Tangerine Blues Fest Draws Record Crowd" Alabama's "Queen of the Jukes", SharBaby opened the 4th annual Tangerine Blues Festival in Gulfport, Florida. SharBaby's giddy personality and upbeat blues style have made her a music legend from South Bend, Indiana (where she was born) all the way down to Southern Florida.

“SharBaby's 11 O'Clock Blues: "Some high profile gigs in the UK and Europe are helping spread the good news about this singer and guitarist and this, her latest CD recorded in Brimingham, Alabama which features all original material must help get her name out there. She is deserving of wider attention in the blues world and her engaging personal style and heartfelt music should also help in the cause." ”

“SharBaby's 11 O'Clock Blues - her name remains little known to American audiences-a failing that her latest album, subtitled both Country Blues and Queen of the Jukes, should help correct.”

"When SharBaby starts playing and singing, the magic of The Blues is thumping"...

"SharBaby's 11 O'Clock Blues" Another great CD from a vastly underrated blues artist- lets hope that the next CD isn't too far away!!

“By the time we came to the end of K.C. Doughlas's "Mercury Blues", which was nothing short of a masterpiece, the shutters were drawn and most of us were well and truly satisfied.”

“SharBaby from Alabama is such a hugely Charismatic performer who would dominate any Stage. She delivered a set of songs that were raw, straight-forward, Foot-stomping 12 bar blues straight out of the Chicago juke joints. ”

“Her style is authentic and roughly strewn in Delta Blues.”

“She's a striking composer of original blues”

“Her soulful ways and original songs blew this blues writer away!”

“Some of the most authentic blues that has been recorded in this decade. Get a Copy!!!”

“Unless you've been jukin" your way through clubs and festivals from Chicago to Florida to Michigan to Beale St. to Europe--you may not have heard of or seen her.”

"Her personal charms and musical skills were perfectly displayed at this 3 set gig in front of a good audience turnout.

“a chapter of Harley Davidson clad Hells Angels, who had pulled up to see what was occurring. They soon congregated at the front of the stage and before long, were dancing and joining in with Shar-Baby's fantastic set of country Blues.”

“For some of the most down-to-earth orginal delta grooves, SharBaby is "The Little Women with a Big Sound"”