Shapes And Faces / Press

“Shapes And Faces is a band recently formed in Dallas, consisting of Derek Bennett, Ryan Martin, Jeff Givens and Tyler Kirk. This dynamic four piece brings together well balanced vocals along with energetic rhythmic styling to deliver a riveting live performance. It is impossible to describe their sound by comparing them to another band. The rhythm guitar drives most of the songs, with a lilting run of clean notes layered onto the song by the lead guitar. The strength of Shapes and Faces’ sound lays int their use of musical dynamics to move songs along. Each track runs with a quickly undulating wave of song that carries the listener along very much like sonic white water rafting. This gives then a great sound live because it allows for the band to overcome and acoustic difficulties presented by the venue or its equipment. In will be interesting to see if Shapes and Faces manages to navigate the rushing waters of the independent music scene with the same skill a that they bring to t”