Shantell Ogden / Press

“Shantell’s distinctive vocals cut through with crystal clarity, even when things build up for the passionate chorus.”

For the Country Record

“Blue-sky clear ‘n’ easy vocals mixed with writing chops makes for a most satisfying listen.”

Music News Nashville

“Ghosts in the Field is a gem of musical remembrance, searching, and longing.”

Nashville Underground

“On her seven-song Ghosts in the Field, Shantell Ogden offers up a nice range of first-rate songs with a bright sound that will stand out in anyone’s current country or Americana playlist.”

Lonesome Road Review

“(Ghosts In The Field) is a thoughtful and captivating collection of treasures from a singer-songwriter that could easily sit unrivalled amongst some of the best in the business.”


“GHOSTS IN THE FIELD (2015) is the exquisite new fourth release from one of the industry’s finest award-winning Americana singer-songwriters.”

Maverick Magazine

“Shantell Ogden is not just a great vocalist or a great writer. Someone this good qualifies as simply a great Artist.”

"Musically gentle and intimately spun, Better at Goodbye is the stunning third release from Shantell Ogden. 5 Stars."

Emily Saxton - Maverick Magazine

“Shantell Ogden is the best independent Americana/Country artist I have played over the airwaves in my eighteen-year radio career.”

“Eight of the most emotionally genuine, finely-crafted songs released on any singer/songwriter album this year.”

“Discovering Shantell's music was like finding a hidden treasure, and meeting her put the icing on the cake. She has heart you just can't fake.”

"Better at Goodbye evoked fanciful memories of listening to late-nineties folk-pop radio queens like Jewel, Sarah McLachlan, Amanda Marshall or Paula Cole, except Shantell's vocal styling is so much more down-home."

"Better at Goodbye is a beautiful little album, filled with emotively-sewn lyrics, gorgeous harmonies and perfect musicianship."

Emily Saxton - Maverick Magazine

"One talented artist that is swiftly making a name for herself, Shantell Ogden showcases a vocal on this record that many of the "young guns" could learn from. The album is well worth your listening time, 5 Stars."

“A confessional journey of the heart that is as rich as it is poignant and open-eyed. Highly recommended.”

"This album (Stories Behind Songs) is a songbook record of beautiful acoustic quality that is an absolute credit to its thoughtful creator. Play it in the house; listen to it in the car but I guarantee, it’s an album well worth the listen and has my highest recommendation."

“Stories Behind Songs is a mighty little collection of tunes that, in her gentle and straight forward manner, pack a respectable punch. Lyrics flow effortlessly on this record...Ogden has important stories to tell about women, and her sincerity speaks to them on a deep level."”

"From the first piano lick, I was hooked on Water Through Stone...every song here is effective, confessional, powerful, and worth repeated listens. This is a strong, vibrant debut from a talent worth watching. Ogden's voice is crystalline and clear, but unlike many singers in the same vein, she has the pipes to support it; it never seems thin or tentative."

"I can best describe Shantell's sweet, lilting vocals as comforting and charming...the character she embodies is everything that is good about country music."

"Ogden’s Stories Behind Songs is a leap forward from her last outing, with a sweet, clear delivery similar to Mindy Smith’s One Moment More and the modern feel of The Band Perry...the album feels like a Café Americana backdrop where stories are king."

"An enchanting Singer/Songwriter, Shantell's sweet voice and eclectic melodies carry her lyrics straight to your heart. Always charming and personable on stage, she brings a fresh perspective to the art of songwriting through life stories performed with true conviction and passion."

"The blank page has opened up opportunities for Ogden to see life in new ways, to create something meaningful that didn't exist before, and to touch lives with powerful messages."

"Acklen Park's 'Great American Song’ (DiLuigi/Ogden/Stewart) is about as feel good of a country song as you can find....Bright production make the single one to turn up — way up — whenever you hear it."

"Stories Behind Songs brings in a little bit of swagger, a lot of hard-earned wisdom, and plenty of spot-on musicianship to keep you listening. With a folk-inflected country feel and a sonic landscape like a field of swaying wild flowers, it's a series of vignettes that examine growth, aging, and the processes of discovery that accompany them."

"In a genre crammed with mediocrity, the songsmithing of Shantell Ogden stands out like a spotlight on a dark night."

"From the moment I threw Stories Behind Songs into my CD player, I was struck by how beautifully-crafted, finely-honed, and heartfelt these songs are. If someone were to ask me, “What will Shantell Ogden be doing a year from now?”, I would respond quickly, and with absolute confidence. I’d say, “She’ll be writing hit songs.” How do I know that? Because—for my money—she already is."