Shannon Labrie / Press

“I tell you about almost nothing. But this track affected me. Made me believe like the great singer-songwriters of yore, maybe this woman has something to say. That in this crazy, mixed-up, shook-up world she can illuminate her story and people can relate. ”

Bob Lefsetz - Lefsetz Letter

“a soul-driven voice that is both sultry and longingly aching at the same time.. we feel the conviction in her lyrics...with this album we are witnessing quite possibly music's next break-out singer/songwriter....There are very few flawless, contemporary pop albums, but this one by Shannon LaBrie is about as close as it gets..”

““Thick guitar tones, a rich voice and sophisticated song craft are just the beginning for this artist, who won us over with her warm, fully realized recordings…strong vocals in every area and an appealing Grace Potter essence. It’s the song ‘I Remember A Boy’ that kills…devastating and beautiful.” Music Connection Top 25 Music Critiques of 2012”

Music Connection

“...we may have found the white Lauryn Hill here....LaBrie has some serious contemporary radio playability....”This girl is a triple threat [quite literally]. Just Be Honest is a somehow effective/enjoyable blend of Soul, R&B, Country, Jazz, and Exotic sounds: all of which are saturated with LaBrie’s impressive vocal delivery..”

“thick tube-drenched guitar tones...a poignant voice delivers a message that is both devastating and beautiful. Labrie's substance and tunefulness are special.”

Music Connection