Shannon Corey / Press

"Shannon Corey, everybody....always had a weak spot for really cute girls that could sing like angels."

"...Shannon Corey has a full, rich alto voice that's highly emotive and warm...Shannon Corey is a great listen and very much worthy of your time and attention. If there's anything 'Overdue' here, it's accolades. 4 out of 5 stars"

"Corey, a classical pianist since she was 3 years old, powered her lyrics with smart and shining keyboard structures. Her high-flying persona blended a musical theater background with a variety of influences in popular music."

“...Assured and nuanced, Shannon's keyboard work speaks of both classical study and a great sensitivity to what any given songs needs rather than how many notes it can hold before exploding...”

“...the very talented (and very cute) Shannon Corey. Born in Providence and schooled in New York City, the starry-eyed and apple-faced Corey packs a wallop on the piano...”


“Stand Out Single: “Sunday Morning”...Grade: A-”

“...Unsaid, her debut album is a collection of ten original, heartfelt songs that showcase her instrumental skills as well as her enchanting and seductive voice...”