Shane Tutmarc / Press

"Tutmarc is something like a scruffier Chris Isaak."

“By way of Seattle and Nashville, SHANE TUTMARC is a gospel and blues artist whose music is a refreshing homage to 60's tinged rock & roll Americana... This is one stylish charmer to keep your eyes on.”

Matt King - Mississippi Studios - Portland, OR

"A must-have album for anyone who hasn't stopped believing in the power of a beautiful song"

"When they came up with the term ‘Rock n’ Roll’, this is what they were talking about: dirtied up blues and church numbers warning about 'Crimes of Passion' and the dangers of 'Idle Hands.'"

"Rock, pop, folk, gospel, and country influences, all cooked together into a very musical gumbo."

"Holy crap – how have I missed him all this time?"

"Traces of folk, blues, and country all came through on his guitar and through his expressive voice."

"Shane yet again proves he’s one of Seattle’s most talented song-writers. There isn’t a bad song on the album."

"When he opens his mouth to sing, out comes a brass twang halfway between Dwight Yoakam and a young Steve Earle."

"Tutmarc is as confident a songwriter as he is a charismatic singer."