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“'Rarely does the sound of a band's live performance, match or translate into that of a tracked to perfection engineered album…. Shane Meade and the Sound's newest release "All Walks of Life", a 14 track over 70 minute CD is just that though. It is a translation of lyric driven songs composed with deep multi instrumentation, lead by Shane's acoustic guitar and talented band "the sound" which accompanies it. A journey of songs flowing in rich sequence from the first song "Yonder Way" to the conclusion with “Wish”. The entire CD is one you can listen to from beginning to end, which is rare these days for an album to have that natural musical flow. Having seen the band live and booked SMS on many occasions, this new release brings that quality of musicianship you get from their live shows and enhances the lyrics from these great storytelling songs. - Brett Andress (owner of the Ale and the Witch & huge music fan)”

St. Petersburg Testimonial

““All Walks of Life mixes Meade’s strong songwriting with the talented musicians known collectively as the SOUND to create an engaging musical experience. Songs from everyday experiences are brought to life through the stories he tells. Like his lyrics, the music can be both simple and subtle, yet layered and complex. The more you listen, the deeper you’ll find yourself immersed in the music……." - - Thor Bendickson - “In The Groove Radio” - WMNF Tampa 88.5 FM”

WMNF Radio 88.5 FM Program

““Enjoyed listening! Strong vocals, emotional lyrics, fine guitar playing and musical support. Diverse in style with an open nature, but still maintains a clear intent throughout…….The song I Salute You is effective in paying tribute to all the great people that help make the planet a better place……." - - Taxi Music - The World’s Leading Independent A & R Company”

Taxi Music Review

"The music of Shane Meade & the Sound should be served with a glass of wine and a long exhale, barefoot and beachside. It is an escaping yet personal sound that makes it possible to flee the stresses of everyday life. His latest album, Candle Lights & Conspiracies, is as natural and intimate as it sounds. The album melts into your eardrums and leaks into your soul. Meade's smooth and warm vocals are inviting and enticing, and all of the musical elements swell together in perfect harmony creating an album full of intrinsic value and forming the most relaxing and intuitive soundtrack to wherever your wandering life leads you". - - Raubi Marie Perilli, Music/Managing Editor – Dive In Tampa Bay

““An evening with Shane Meade, is an evening well spent for music lovers seeking a refreshing and soulful twist to the singer songwriter realm. One may draw immediate comparisons to the likes of Ben Harper, Dave Matthews, or Peter Gabriel. His stripped down acoustic set is inviting and thought – provoking, touching on the darker side with songs like Self-Portrait and Wander, while bringing us back to the light with songs like Spring Break Over Lunch and Counting Clouds. This unique blend and cross-genre pollination is evident when accompanied by his band - the SOUND. The gritty rocker Cleveland Street, foot tappin’ Carolina Boogie, and island groove Sail Away, make this up and coming artist and Tampa based group a must see”. - - - James Heath, Atlanta Metro Review”

"Meade's music, a hearty concoction of soul, blues rock, adult contemporary pop, bluegrass and even some jazz, has traces of Sting's solo career, Bob Seger and singer-songwriter Ben Harper. His latest release, Candle Lights & Conspiracies offers a double-disc dose of social-political consciousness and intimate themes, and it's one of the most refreshing listens and meticulously produced CDs of 2010". - - - Julie Garisto, Tampa Bay Times