shane lamb / Press

"Nashville's Shane Lamb is back with the followup to his excellent 2009 release Disengage, and damned if he didn't come up with another roots-pop gem. There's plenty to like here, starting with the opener "Adrenaline as Medicine", which has a strong Tom Petty vibe. Speaking of Petty, the outstanding title track is reminiscent of "Yer So Bad". "Can't You See" is a driving, pulsing rocker that's still melodic, and "It's True" has a Jayhawks-like pop sheen to it. But the real highlight here is the midtempo "I See Now", in which Lamb's gift for melody and angelic voice combine for a great rootsy pop tune. An easy top ten of 2011 to date."


" Better Here is chock full of warm, hummable, cool guitar-driven mid-tempo pop/rock cuts...and they all sound like hits. Produced, recorded, and mixed by Casey Wood (who has already won two Grammy awards), the album has a nice warm and inviting sound. Lamb's cool heartfelt vocals are caressed in layers of killer guitars...and propelled by a superb rhythm section that is seductive and hypnotic. His pure pop music is anything but contrived and samey. Instead of making canned pop for cash, Shane writes and records catchy pop music that is genuine, credible, and real. The more we hear this album the more permanent its effects are." TOP PICK


"Though his music shares a genre populated by last name folk-rock icons such as Dylan and Petty, Lamb's music vibrates with a level of originality and personal authenticity that rivals the heavyweights."

"Lamb mixes pop,classic rock and Americana,and comes through with one quality tune after another.Every year it seems that I come across a singer-songwriter who makes a great 'Ryan Adams' album.Of course I am speaking of the Ryan Adams of 'Gold' and 'Heartbreaker' and this year it is Shane Lamb."


“I highly recommend this album for those who are obsessed with Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, The Jayhawks, Wilco and Neil Young. This album will not let you down. ”

Michael Morgan, Review You

"This is an album of solid roots rock that is easy to enjoy.A strong suite of songs with highs,lows and inbetweens.. Great band.What's not to like?"


“Much like Petty and his cautious optimism,even in the murky darkness,Lamb is ever looking for the light.With it's overt soul elements,Memphis sounds also come to mind.And Lamb's pop songwriting further makes us think about classic rock inspirations. ”

Dan MacIntosh, Ariepublicity

“From the opening track 'disengage' keeps the listener interested for the entire length of the record.It reminds us all that there are still writers who want to create an album of music and not just put together songs that fill out a certain style.”

Matheson Kamin, Review You

"To me, the most surprising aspect of this entire album is the decision to call the album 'disengage.' For me, Lamb's music is so engaging, there is no way I would want to seperate myself from it."

Scott Homewood, the Rock n Roll Report.