Shane Alexander / Press

“4 star review in Playboy Netherelands 'Jack Johnson, James Blunt, Jeff Buckley. You can effortlessly add the young, American singer songwriter Shane Alexander to this list of popular singer songwriters'”

William Baars - Playboy

“Shane Alexander has stretched out incrementally on each of three solo albums, and his latest, "The Sky Below" (out on BuddhaLand Records) muscles up considerably. Alexander remains an effective acoustic troubadour”

Kevin Bronson - LA Times

“Alexander’s songs are so well written, and he performs them with such low-key expertise, that they easily peeled back my onion-like layers of emotional resistance”

Zeb Norris - The Santa Barbara Independent

“Alexander is one of the most empathetic, talented guys-with-guitars to come along lately, in a way that kicks aside subgenres in the tradition of the straightforward troubadour. He gets compared to Jeff Buckley a lot, for obvious reasons, but that's kind of lazy.”

Miami New Times

“The Middle Way is a bucketful of charm”

LA Times

“Stargazer is a touching, Buckleyesque collection of rootsy pop”

LA Times

“The songs “Valentine” and “Birthday” show that he’s an exceptional guitarist. The closing song, I’m not the One, is maybe the most instantly recognizable song and his songwriting here is just sublime. Fans of special singer songwriters are now informed. You know what to do!”

Freddy Celis - RootsTime

“Another young man who shows with his debut record that songwriting is in his genes. Put Shane Alexander as a mix of Duane Jarvis and Kevin Montgomery….but then with the vocal quality that speaks more clearly to the imagination. He has, with The Middle Way, already made a true name for himself”

Leo Kattestaart - Alt. Country

“Shane writes good songs with catchy melodies….Alexander’s voice reminds us sometimes of Jackson Brown…..the conclusion is obvious; a good album”

Fritts Barth - Heaven

“Let’s get right to the point. Any fan of Shawn Mullins and Joseph Parsons is going to embrace the CD “the Middle Way” by this living gem of a songwriter”

Jan Janssen - Real Roots Cafe

“Shane Alexander succeeds in combining roots, rock and pop into a unique whole that is really pleasing to the ear. Shane Alexander has taken his place among his fellow young colleagues Brian Webb and Damien Rice and is, according to us, one of the big surprises of 2005”

Erwin Ziljeman - Plato Mania

“The most remarkable instrument here is Shane’s voice and its wide range. In true Jeff Buckley style, he treads lightly in the higher ranges like a pro on Birthday, really lets loose on One Track Mind and causes spontaneous goose bumps in the finale “I’m Not the One”.”

Gert Talboom - Rootstown

“Thanks in part to his noteworthy guitar parts tastefully found throughout the rest of the songs. Alexander’s voice reminds us more than once of Damien Rice, who is so popular here in the Netherlands”

“Shane Alexander has a delicious voice. It is relaxed and lightly raw. His songs could be those of Keane or Coldplay. Complex guitar, tight production and far from soft. We especially note the beautiful “last day on earth”

Franc Caarnen - Avant Garde

“The success of the singing surf hero Jack Johnson has opened the door for other soft-spoken Americana specialists, like the melancholy California native, Shane Alexander”

Jan Vollaard - NRC Handelsblad

“Our discovery of the year!”

Real Roots Cafe

“...a cross between Jeff Buckley and John Mayer. Alexander is great”

Music Connection