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“I’m a gospel artist Why cant I sing about love... Shamora’s live interview on The Tanya Blount Midday!!! If you missed it, you can listen at the link below. Fast forward to 19min and start listening there! Please share with your friends!!! God bless you guys!!! http://www.blogtalkradio.com/thetanyablountmiddayshow/2011/08/24/im-a-gospel-artist-why-cant-i-sing-about-love ”

“Shamora has been hard at work on the re-release of her album "Substance Abuse... the Altar". This new version will include 3 new songs. Stay tuned for this highly anticipated release!”

Striker Records

“GREAT NEWS from Striker Record! " Shamora's album "Substance Abuse" has been reviewed by new music dept. at V-103 The People's Station . Initial indications are that they like it. In fact, we are told that "this is what r&b needs." Now, YOU can play a vital roll in the development of Shamora's career, as well as have ...some input about what is played on the radio. CALL V-103 (404)741-9833 AND REQUEST "DEAL BREAKER" BY SHAMORA!! The movement continues. :)"”

Striker Records - Striker Records

“Shamora's album "Substance Abuse" has been featured in the current issue of Kontrol Magazine. In this issue "Substance Abuse" is reviewed by "Johnathan Reynolds". Fans, get your copy to add to your collection!”