Shallow Ground / Press

"If you want some fresh thrash music, look no further than this Connecticut-based foursome. These guys fucking deliver the goods! For the second week in a row, I am very proud to say the LP Of The Week honors go to a band that I am personally working with in my Spotlight. This isn't the fastest paced thrash in the world, but it mixes a very solid thrash base with some very nice traditional stylings and some progressiveness. But don't fret if you want to bang your head, as there is neck-wrecking a plenty going on here. I knew going in that I was most likely going to enjoy this album having heard a few sample tracks ahead of time, but I was not prepared for the sheer brilliance of this album. Plainly put, 2013 is a banner year for metal, and this is in fact quite possibly a front runner for LP Of The Year honors! "

"These guys are skilled musicians! Their thrash metal is certainly well arranged and the song structures are great. A lot of interesting riffs and grooves do exist on 'The End Of Everything'. Shallow Ground will be highly appreciated by fans of Flotsam And Jetsam, Heathen, Bloodlust and Hirax, so those who adore their U.S. thrash metal old, nasty and violent should definitely check out this great band! "

"SHALLOW GROUND are dripping with the anguish, torment and ambiguity of BLACK SABBATH, spreading their admiration for NWOBHM capturing several elements of the early IRON MAIDEN melodic edge and complex rhythm arrangements, yet above all this band has Thrash strapped to their side, earsplitting like TESTAMENT, EXODUS, FORBIDDEN and early SLAYER"

"Musically the first band that popped up in my head was Vio-Lence around the second album. Quite thrashy metal but not totally thrashed out. Add some Holy Terror and Defiance and you get a unholy trinity of second wave thrash to surround SHALLOW GROUND with. What I like about this album is the darkness that surrounds it. There’s no happy thought here"

“Powerful vocals and galloping drums are just the beginning of the madness that is Shallow Ground. The fantastic riffs may very well send you to the hospital with a broken neck while the downright impressive solos will melt your face right off. With such a high caliber of musicianship and passion for their craft Shallow Ground are in fact the definition of a great thrash band and their EP proves it”

"The best part of this album and what really makes this album worth listening to is the absolutely insane and astonishing guitar solos. These guys are skilled players and set the frets afire. While Shallow Ground is not breaking any rules or trying to reinvent the thrash wheel, you should definitely give them a listen"