Shake It Up / Press

“Shake It Up is a pop/rock/indie band from Minneapolis, Mn. This band was formed by former member of Nihilio, Dan Noethe, and his brother Nick and they are inspired by bands such as Anberlin, The Juliana Theory, and Number One Gun. The departure with Nihilio has turned a new page for Dan to expand his musical talent among different genres. The instrumentation of the featured song on their Facebook, “The Tide”, has a very pop/rock sound to it and also has a similar vibe in the beginning to the song “Dance Halls Turn to Ghost Towns” by The Audition. The vocals are smooth and the lyrics are catchy which is a plus for any new group that has recently emerged in the music scene. A line from the featured song says “I’m swimming against the tide, but I do believe I’m sinking.” Shake It Up is not sinking, in fact, they are doing the complete opposite. They have terrific potential and could take the Minnesota pop/rock crowd by storm.”