Shaguar / Press

“SURF GUITAR ROCKS!!! TURN IT UP!!! Miss Lily sounds SWEET !!!, Gotta show her some love too! I loved every song! Bravo, Well Done! Scott Brandt”

Scott Brandt - Reverbnation

“Great sounds. Love the surf feel too. Awesome…”

4given - RVN

“Love your sound…”

Tim James Band - RVN

“Awesommme sound here! Cheers!”

CanEHdianClassic - RVN

“Keep up the great music!”

10 Miles of Blue - RVN

“Diggin your rocking tunes!”

sixth street band - RVN

“Great work! Lovely vibe!”

Arjyo - RVN

“Great creative tracks and talent! Wish you much success with your music!”

BadgerStatic - RVN

“Hi, Nice music … amazing…This is great stuff …” ”

Some Promo Company - ReverbNation

“Great sounds. Love the surf feel too. Awesome..”

4given - ReverbNation

"Hey Guys... Diggin' the tunes on your page! "

- Los Calaveras - ReverbNation

“We're tasting the tweed and smellin the chrome. Great, fun music!”

Twist of Zen - ReverbNation

“…impressed with your music and your performance.”

A guy on RN - ReverbNation

“Back listening to..Apache........COOL!”

The Fores - ReverbNation

“Awesome! Brilliant! Outstanding! Lovely! Fabulous! Superb! 5 STARS!!!!”

Helder Rock a.k.a. T... - ReverbNation

“Love your version of that song, as well. Wanna hear more.”

Larry Love - ReverbNation

“~ Absolutely Brilliant”

Enoch. Arcane - ReverbNation