Shady Maples / Press

"Owen Roberts and his band Shady Maples make songs that deal with the idea of nature and consciousness. Sounds perfectly Californian to me!"

"Owen Roberts, the lead singer of Shady Maples, has a knack for creating visceral lyrics."

“Shady Maples has cultivated a unique sound for itself that features a blend of swamp rock, psychedelic Latin-infused Americana and psychedelic influences for a sonic brew that sets them apart from their contemporaries.”

“Their amalgamation of swamp rock, psychedelic Latin-infused Americana effortlessly packs in the steel guitar, mandolin, Werlitzer and pump organs behind the album's clean acoustic sound.”

“Shady Maples is stripped-down, acoustic-based blues with elements of Latin, Americana and even reggae. They have an explosiveness all their own and a great deal of that dynamic is based around Peter’s swampy lap-steel work. ”

“Were it not for the folk music revival, guitarists Owen Roberts and Greg Peters might have to court the muse by brewing beer or writing poetry about nature. Actually, they do both. Peters, who plays lap steel, is the beer connoisseur, and Roberts lards his material with descriptions of the natural world. Their impressive debut includes a whole battery of guests (among them singer Kelly McFarling). It combines peppy rhythms with darkly minor-key tunes.”