Shadow Venger / Press

“(Rough Translation)Altogether many exciting things are served, that are incorporated, not always conclusive, but there are novelties to discover always”

“Shadow Venger's debut EP is a many-faceted trip into guitar playing. And he is ace in handling that instrument. Need I say it: "We want more"”

" He easily melts together Progressive, Thrash Metal, Speed Metal, Classical, Hard Rock and more together to create his sound." "This is some very impressive music"

“If we had a Band Assist award for coolest logo – we have a winner. So can the music live up to this cool first impression? FU’K YEAH IT CAN. You are forced on a petrifiying journey of duelling guitars, thunderous bass and insane drumming. Awesome riffs and full ahead speed metal crunch into a riff to die for which adds a melody and tune that so many metal bands ignore. Think Bullet jamming with early Metallica trying to discover the secrets of Iron Maiden and you are getting there. I am not normally a fan of instrumentals but I defy anyone not to love this – it twists, it turns, it rises, it falls but it always impresses. ”

“Melodic neo-prog flavoured technical metal guitar instrumentals. If you like this kind of thing then Mr Venger, once you get past the very well played widdle-diddle high speed first track, has a rather good understanding of light and shade and the notions of less sometimes being more. He isn’t all about technique, he plays with feeling, with modern colour, he indeed might well add a bit of depth to one of those neo-prog bands… Really not our thing, but hey, respect is due and our time writing this deserved and if you like melodic, neo-prog-flavoured technical metal guitar composition, then the one time Empyreal Destroyer man’s four track download demo EP is well worth checking out.”