Shadows of Dawn / Press

“Shadows of Dawn are highly recommended to listeners who crave the traditional thrash metal sound, but enjoy other styles as well. As a metalhead who loves thrash and power metal along with classical music and other genres, Shadows of Dawn was a very refreshing band to listen to and I will continue listening to new songs when available.”

“Every now and then I come across a band that takes me by complete surprise and leaves me speechless and New Jersey's Shadows of Dawn are in fact one of these bands. Combining a ton of different heavy metal elements including thrash, experimental and "traditional" the band describes themselves as "The Trans-Dimensional Thrash-Masters of the Multiverse," which in my opinion is another way of saying "an extremely talented group of musicians who think outside the box in terms of their approach to metal and as a result have a very bright future in front of them." Regardless of the statements meaning Shadows of Dawn are definitely a band that should be on your radar, their experimental elements and melodic vibe are sure to capture your attention while their intricate guitar solos and thrash metal elements will keep you coming back for more. Simply put Shadows of Dawn are a fantastic band that is well worth the time of any metal head!”