Shadowside / Press

“Shadowside’s main merit on Inner Monster Out is manage to balance an extremely modern sound not forgetting about the main characteristics of Heavy Metal – heaviness, melodies and exciting choruses. That way, their new album reaches the extremely rare achievmenet of pleasing, literally, everyone. Inner Monster Out starts a new chapter in Brazilian Heavy Metal. With it, Shadowside takes over as one of the main bands in the country and automatically becomes reference for the whole planet. 9/10 ”

“Every track roars forth from square one hitting the listener like a ten ton ballast. Yet all the while, Shawdowside maintains the band’s usual high level of melody. Shadowside has finally come into its own, avoiding the stigma of mediocrity. The band has donned the spikes, suited up the leather and let the "Inner Monster Out" with a fresh aggression, marking Shadowside’s place in shaky ground of modern power metal. 4/5 ”

“It's potent and also very melodic with a lot of great guitar work and a diverse and powerful vocal performance. Shadowside may not be a known quantity in North America (yet), but their brand of bombastic and catchy metal makes them worth checking out. 4/5”

"I was instantly drawn to the power and passion of that CD and the fierce vocals of Dani Nolden. Having already been a fan of the previous CD, I looked forward to this one with much anticipation. Dare To Dream features 11-songs and 47-minutes worth of high quality metal.”

““We all know some great music has come out of Brazil, but this totally blew me away. They look good and sound great on CD, so next we need to see them tour Europe and sample the live experience. Without a doubt they are one of the most promising new melodic metal bands around today.””

““Say hello to Shadowside, a band who is ready to kick your ass now, and take names later. start to finish this is nothing but pure metal attitude!””

"An album that should be heard by every metal fan.”

"A PERFECT metal album."

"I risk saying they will be one of the next big bands from Brazil."

"It’s strong heavy metal, well played, something from people talented to compose and execute their job well. Congratulations to the band for the album!"