“Honest and emotion fuelled vocals firmly to the fore atop a churning, violent swell of Soundgarden and Stone Temple Pilots sized riffs, 'Don't Tell' {the album} is a pleasurably pummeling experience, but the care taken to include instantly memorable choruses, check out 'What You Want', 'Any Other Day' and 'Wake Up' - and cleverly woven arrangements shows there's a deep well of creativity just waiting to be exploited. An impulsive, impressive debut!”


“Shadow Queen is one of a growing number of female fronted rockers, which include the Quadbox, Rocket Queen and Sharaya to name but a few. Singer Robbi Zana has a mighty powerful voice, with just the right amount of “husky”, and by all reports she also has a mighty powerful stage presence. The rhythm section here is particularly outstanding. They play a tight flawless rock, melodic yet raw enough to appease any aficionado. If I had to describe Shadow Queen in one word, it would have to be “powerful”. From the first listen, they grab you and don’t let go. In a just world they would be filling the rock stadiums of the world.”