"Vocalist [Nicki Skidmore] owned the stage like she had been doing it her whole damn life and the band did a fantastic job of revving up the crowd."

"They were extremely well received and the best surprise of the evening. They should have major labels sniffing around their door anytime now."

"Maryland based band ShadowBurn got things started. One of the hard things about going on first is that the crowd is usually not all there yet, but that didn’t stop them from putting on a solid set."

"...well-executed growls and screams. I was reminded of BLACK SABBATH here so there were touches of stoner groove that blended nicely."

"Singer [Nicki Skidmore] demonstrated a blend of vocal power, range, and rage as she fronted Shadowburn on various hard-hitting original songs, many from the group's new Crashing [Album]."

"I thought they were impressive. The music was heavy and the lead singer, [Nicki Skidmore], had an awesome voice. She was very animated onstage... If you have a chance to see this band, do it!"

"Your music is really straight-forward heavy rock. Nice thick guitars, but with raspy girl vocals that really hook you."

Nicholas Krus - Amped Recording Studios