Sexcrement / Press

“The groove veined slab of debauchery in the shape of Sloppy Seconds from death metal band Sexcrement has to be one of the most addictive and irresistible slabs of extreme metal this year. With lustful saliva dripping from every syllable and wanton sexual tension coating every eager riff and intimidating rhythm the album takes filth fuelled infestation to another level. Within its welcoming blackened seedy walls depravity and penetrative sexy grooves alongside commanding and thunderous rock n roll aggression make insatiable bed fellows. Their union a salacious feast for the senses and an album which leaves nothing but a drooling enthused need to be molested by it again and again.”

“SEXCREMENT straddle a fine line between hilarity and raunchy and play in a manner not far removed from a Troma film, of course, with considerably better production values. The music is fun, occasionally intense, and certainly heavy. ”

“Sexcrement. Now THAT’S a motherfucking band name! From the name alone I was drawn to the music, like a bee to honey, like a moth to flame, like a fly to . . . uh . . . wait . . . forget about that last metaphor, because this band’s second album Sloppy Seconds is really good. And it wasn’t just the band’s name that suggested the kind of deviant intelligence I felt pretty sure would produce music to my liking.”

“You can’t escape the initial grasp a band like Sexcrement has on you. You just… can’t. The name reeks of lust and filth, and the music itself is like a cacophony of death groove caked in indistinguishable bodily fluids forming a sticky sweaty monstrosity. In short – a heaping helping of wholesome fun for the entire family.”