Sewing Machines / Press

"If Brian Eno produced a slightly more Americana version of TV on the Radio, you might get a band sounding something like Sewing Machines. The group has a penchant for sculpting beautiful and natural soundscapes out of the most synthetic of sources. Keyboards and drum machines overlay functionally tweaked vocal energy... and still, all of it is catchy as hell. But if there's one thing to separate the band from the legions of loop machine tinkerers surrounding Brooklyn, it's the unexpected humanity and simple fun the band always make sure to include in their experiments... [T]his band is more than apt to cut and purl their way to an entirely new means of utilizing sonic materials."

"All the loitering, soaked-in-reverb instrumentals duck and interweave perfectly with Horwich's unique vocals creating something completely refreshing."

"I stumbled on the work of Sewing Machines yesterday and was immediately smitten. While Horwich’s latest effort, February, is truly stunning, his first two works are no less so. Mixing violins and banjos with infecting drum beats, innovatory loops, and samples seems to be the mantra here but within each jam there is a new sound that I find to be just fan-fucking-tastic. I really cannot recommend all three albums enough."

"There are banjos. Banjos are kewl. Therefore you should listen."