Sever the Drama / Press

“The debut album Vested Interest by CT-based metal group Sever The Drama is a relentless attack of the modern metal fort: thundering double kick drums with head smashing guitars to match. Sever The Drama take the safe approach for most of the recording and successfully incorporate themselves into the same metal stitching as other genre groups of today, but they also veer off and take chances that pay off.”

“While Sever The Drama can serve up rip-roaring-rock with authority, they spare themselves from comparison to their peers when they hold back and focus their energy. One of the album’s more inspired and original-sounding tracks is “More Than I Can Say;” it has a surprisingly funky bass line and an apocalyptic-march-breakdown. The centerpiece of the CD is “It‘s Been Real,” with vocalist Scott D taking a detour from the usual testosterone-driven lyrics and getting deeper when he contemplates, “Another story/New life is coming/Forever wandering/And I’ve been wondering/What is my purpose?” before jumping into a super-charged chorus.”

“Songs like the opening “Watching You” and “Never Get Another” blast full bore from the very beginning with just the right amount of get-out-of-my-face attitude one would expect. The barbaric onslaught of metal brutality continues in the heavily slow churned thump of “Had To Say Goodbye” and “Forget Me.””

"The band members chose their name to represent a sort-of mission, both in their personal lives and for the music industry."