Severe Severe / Press

“Break Up hits hard, like a cross between The Death Cult, Siouxsie & the Banshees, and Joy Division, but with a more current urgency, taking postpunk’s darkwave vibe and adding razor sharp edges. It looks at bands such as The Editors and White Lies, and makes it raw and jagged, with demons in the drums and spirits in the guitars, clawing against the walls of the Batcave and breaking fingernails like chords. Sometimes there’s a dark Cure mood, too, but with fast percussive intensity. (The drums are astounding.) It’s like a New Model Army fever dream, or Adam & the Ants getting way into Specimen, or a drum roll thundercloud that hits like lightning!”

“Dark wave punk played with a heavy nod to the more musically inclined bands of the early '80s anarcho punk scene. A bleak tribal groove mixed in with some scratching post punk guitar. 1981 meets Empire with the morose feel of the MOB and dance goth quality of the BANSHEES. It feels old but certainly not overly retro, bringing a new energy into the formula. I get cold just listening to this cd, images of bombed out wastelands, urban decay,evo stick, dingy beer soaked back alley bitter nights and unemployment.The best post punk band I've heard in a long time. What INTERPOL never had the balls to sound like? Brilliant.”


“Severe Severe have only been a Capital Region band for a few years now after their move from L.A., but we’re willing to wager it’ll be even less time before they graduate to that hallowed gone-national category. Their stuff more than holds its own against the field of Cure and Joy Division acolytes, and their new record Break Up the Dance encourages you to do anything but. ”

“Severe Severe is giving you more than a dive bar show. What they offer is a shared experience, something for you to bear witness to. Three figures, backlit, shrouded in thick energy, emerge through a virtual curtain of dark sound. Overall, the music is an absorbing blend of heavy rock and synthetic electronics. Nico Jordan's reverberating vocals and signature guitar draw the listener into a space where—NYC performance art style—the blinking, squinting, twitching eye of Horus peers from a television set, searching out the audience. Bryan Hogan's complex tom work digs into the core of each song as vintage visual projections onto the drum kit itself reference religio-political imagery. Pulling it all together, Mike Capritta's low end drives the sound from the underside with the coolest f'in bass tone you've heard—ever. As the set progresses, the stage becomes an island of aggressive angst while the band creates more sound than seems possible for three dudes. ”

“Severe Severe sound more like a band from London circa 1982 via "Joy Division," and yet also eerily like they are kindred spirits of Big Black/Nick Cave. Employing Travis Bean model guitar and bass, along with synthetic pulses, analog tones and jarring off-kilter beats, Severe Severe are a powerful blend of the aforementioned bands referenced, all the while maintaining a vivid authenticity and timbre.”

“Severe Severe = The Cure + Love and Rockets+ Joy Division + The Cult Severe Severe’s latest album, Beyond the Pink, was a delightful surprise; definitely not what I was expecting. I was taken away by the smooth transition between tracks and how each individual track was put together so well within the CD in a whole. There is definite talent with this band, and the melodramatic style of this album. A very heavy and lethargic sound comes from the instrumentals, with vocals sounding very similar to that of Robert Smith from The Cure. Reminds me of something my mother would listen to back in the 80s at new-wave night. Gloomy acid rock, as she would call it. Severe Severe employs rhythms that sometimes require acclamation by the listener, but the reward is great. Way to go, guys. Keep on living the new-age goth-rock dream! ”

“They've been called a "non-goth goth band," but really, Albany's Severe Severe isn't exactly goth. OK sure, they're influenced by 1980s bands like Joy Division and the Cure, but they've definitely got their own unique sound. ”

“It would be easy to lump Severe Severe in with the clove-cigarette-smoking, fishnet-glove-wearing crowd. But last year’s pick for Best Transplanted Band sound like nothing from the last 20 years on their new disc, Beyond the Pink.”

“The three members of Severe Severe came here from Memphis, Tenn. (and, originally, Los Angeles), last year, bringing with them a dark, pulsing sound that calls to mind mid-period Cure, the Rapture and Fugazi—it’s like goth turned inside out. Here’s hoping they stick around. ”