Several Conclusions / Press

“There is probably no better time to listen to Songs for the Half Awake than during a gloomy Pittsburgh winter; with this album, Several Conclusions has fashioned an appropriate soundtrack for sufferers of seasonal-affective disorder. The record sounds like it could have been a jam session recorded by frost-bitten friends in the middle of the woods; in reality, Several Conclusions is just one person, multi-instrumentalist Robert Gray. (Gray also lends his multi-instrumental abilities to local psych-country rockers House of Assassins.) The cumbersome alias aside, Gray has a knack for crafting sparse and chilly folk tunes. "Ghost of a Friend" is one of his strongest and simplest songs, with simple banjo picking over lines like "when you leave this place my heart it will tear." Using an assortment of instruments, including guitar, accordion and saw, Gray layers sound like blankets; the saw in particular runs like a cold wind through nearly every track. ”

“If I cataloged all of the small objects that came in the elaborate cigar-box packaging of this CD, I'd run out of word count before I got to the music. So, quickly: about 40 minutes of Robert Gray's folky tunes based mostly on banjo, accordion and singing saw (but sometimes guitar). Haunting, pretty and — importantly — not a letdown in light of the fancy packaging. Not bad at all.”