“ This is the essence of Seventking. They have a sound that will obliterate any preconceived notions you may have about what heavy metal should be. They are not a cookie cutter metal band by any means but they manage to stay true to their metal roots, while creating a unique and distinctly heavy resonance of quality metal music.Seventking has helped purify the ranks of the SLC underground music scene, with a true understanding of what fans want and a desire. They are an energetic group of metalheads with the ability to deliver a hellacious mix of sound and lyrics that capture the pure essence of traditional metal. Seventking is: Chris Chamberlain - Lead/Rhythm Guitars, Backing Vocal, Joe Chamberlain - Lead/Rhythm Guitars, Mat Aspenwall - Lead Vocal, Darrin Cambell - Drums and Percussion, and Terry Schneiter - Bass guitar, Backing Vocal. Fo more information visit: http://www.facebook.com”