Seventh From Adam / Press

“ Harder Beat February 2009 * Vol. 16 * No. 9 * Issue 177 * harderbeat.com.... Seventh From Adam - Skillman St. Pub, 1/16/09.... A hoard of people always attend SFA shows, and this night was no different. opening with "The Avenger," they instantly grabbed the audience's attention with their brand of rockin' metal melodies. The three vocalists (Danny Fanta, Stephanie Betts and Jim Lowirmore) mingled lyrics that allowed each to partake and shine equally. Peter Powers (bass) tipped the scale with his style of creative lines. Keeping in sync, Buzz (drums) and Jason Holmes (guitar) helped dig the trench in which SFA plays. The night's hit was "The Man Show," defined by the Stephanie's catchy vocal chorus. (Misty Johnson)....”

Misty Johnson - Harder Beat