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“Who says that getting homeless can stop some one in achieving their big dreams?? No one can stop natural destruction but I barely see someone making it their strength and rising even after being through such a hard time in life. “Seventeen Sisters”….. This is the name of a group of five talented “real sisters” famous for their rock music. These Mississippi young girls lost everything in a hurricane which made them homeless. But this could not stop them in achieving their goals they set for themselves. With their focused hard work, perseverance, dedication, unshakable confidence and true commitments to make the best out of the worst, these young girls have flourished in their craft. Rising out of the destruction and being homeless for almost two years, they've come back stronger than ever. With all of their qualities, they are ready to show their talent to Chicago music lovers.”

Bharat Verma - Organizer. - CIMG members - Meetup Event

“Seventeen Sisters interviewed on WCIA's CiLiving by Joe Barlow. ”

“Exclusive interview with US band ‘Seventeen Sisters’. Recently The News Tribe conducted an interview with a popular American musical band Seventeen Sisters, comprised of the five Scarbrough sisters: Sarah, Gracie, Angel, Faith and Hannah. Here are some excerpts from the interview; The News Tribe: Share something about your bio? Seventeen Sisters is comprised of the five Scarbrough sisters (yes, they are real sisters!): Sarah, Gracie, Angel, Faith, and Hannah. Taking inspiration from the greats old and new mixed with their own innovative style, Seventeen Sisters is an infusion of edgy driving rock and soul, with a slight touch of pop. Seventeen Sisters is a force that leaves you with a lasting impression and wanting more and more! Playing what they term “eclectic rock”, Seventeen Sisters presents a new brand of rock. Combining strong female vocals and sibling harmonies, with driving rock instrumentals. Their rhythm section is right on and their guitars are soaring!! The ban”