sevenmileboots / Press

“Sweet Street, is really sweet... Nice vocal, cool guitar performance!! Great song writing.”

Nagasus - Reverbnation

“Awesome stuff! I can't think of a better way to spend a rainy afternoon than enjoying your track SWEET STREET.”

KC Daleigh - Reverbnation

“What a great sound!! loving the rustic, shimmering, folk feel!”

Good Tones - Reverbnation

"there's no home" ist super eingängig. Hat sich nach dem ersten chorus schon in den Gehörgang gebohrt. Ich mag den Ansatz der an Guthrie und Dylan erinnert in Kombination mit den Indie Einflüssen. Klingt sehr frisch. Schöner Text. Alles in allem ein toller song!

Ralf Dee - Reverbnation

“Really digging the psychedelic vibe! So brilliant and catchy! GREAT GREAT work! I'm already a big fan!”

The Space Sharks - Reverbnation

“fantastic vibe and grooves here..so entertaining and enjoyable to listen to..particularly like the mix of acoustic guitar styles for "dust and rain"..SlideTastic style!!”

MikeWhitePresents - Reverbnation

“Great heart-felt tracks”

WILD&WELSH - Reverbnation

“Nice job on Catalogue! I dig the twangy guitar. Nice contrast with the mood of the vocals”

Blue Plasma Orb - Reverbnation

"catalogue" ist ein toller song. Gute Gitarrenarbeit und feiner Mix.

Ralf Dee - Reverbnation

“I love your new sound and thoughtful lyrics . . . to my fading ears, a little like a folksy Beatle with well-focused kaleidoscope eyes.”

Songs Unsung - Reverbnation

“Incredible work! Definitely some of the best I've heard on RN. Wishing you much success...Rock on!”

Deb Hedges - Reverbnation

“Dust and Rain has good lyrics and good vocals. Always keep a song in your heart.”

Eddie Ray Franks - Reverbnation

“Real nice guitar playing and sound on Dust and Rain!”

On Ithenfal's Wing - Reverbnation

“Great tracks in between Lynyrd Skynyrd harmonies and hobo ambiance from fire to wind...”

Sonic Winter - Reverbnation

“Great vocals and guitar playing. Your lyrics do remind me of Neil Young -- messages that go straight to the heart.”

TIW Music - Reverbnation

“Fantastic Folk-Rock in a genius soundcase ! ”

LeonB. - Reverbnation

“Excellent compositions with great music, lyrics and guitar fills. Very groovy tunes my friend. May your rock always roll! Cheers!”

AITG/Agony In The Garden - Reverbnation

“dem old black shoes is often the best ;-) ”

the johnnie squizzercrow experiment - reverbnation

“ "The Loving Ones"...one of my favorite songs ever..anywhere. ”

Delaney Simpson - Reverbnation

“land of the fire wind is a great track. Love the guitar work. Great stuff... keep em coming and keep on rocking! ”

Marcus LeBlanc - Reverbnation

“Nice tunes...love the feel. Old school. ”

Michael Sky - Reverbnation

“The Loving Ones, great work! ”

Sam Pearce Music - Reverbnation