The Seven Handle Circus / Press

“Seven Handle Circus wows me. There is non-stop sound and stage performance that engages the audience. These guys pack the house. If you have not been out to see the Seven Handle Circus show, it is an Atlanta must-do. I expect to see these guys on top of the chart soon.”

“Seven Handle Circus hasn't been around that long, but the Georgia-based bluegrass band has made a splash throughout the Southeast by playing original music that doesn't sound quite like anybody else. Deviating from tradition, Seven Handle Circus adds electric bass and a drum kit to the more traditional bluegrass instrumentation of banjo, fiddle, guitar and mandolin. ”

“Listening to the songs on their just-released, six-song EP, Whiskey Stills and Sleeping Pills, it’s easy to understand the Mumford boys’ enthusiasm. The band’s music has the breathless energy and effortless melodicism that makes many of the songs on the Mumford’s first album so memorable. It’s folk music played and paced like pop, but with the drive and energy of a rock band.”