Setting Fires / Press

“Powerful songs - real life. Great sound! Original and well orchestrated. God bless you. ”

James Michael Skeen - Reverbnation

“I just simply love your music..nuff said...it's beautiful :-)”

Delaney Simpson - Reverbnation


Curley Washington - Reverbnation

“I really like Christian rock music and you do it well!! ”

Christine McHoes - Reverbnation

“Love the tracks .. keep on rocking!”

Roxi and the Blue Cats - Reverbnation

“I'm lovin ur sounds, very nice, keep up the great work”

King David - Reverbnation

“Padding by to add King of Kings to the ultimate favorites permanent playlist :D”

Roxi and the Blue Cats - Reverbnation

“Cool tunes!!Much respect!!”

Pace Ride - Reverbnation

“Amazing music here! Good luck to you!”

PROMIZE - Reverbnation

“Awesome, powerful and soul searching songs. Well composed and instrumented.”

KC Daleigh - Reverbnation

“I am listening to your musik now, I love what you got going! Love tha hustle! Keep doing it, you are on the right path!”

Jules Ferguson - Reverbnation

“Gr8 production!”

Lucien Lana - Reverbnation

“Cool tunes!!!!”

Jay P. Williams - Reverbnation

“Great stuff keep jammin it !!!!!”

Page D - Reverbnation

“Excellent, keep up the great music and work”

Second Journey - Reverbnation

“Just awesome! Praise GOD!!”

Hyly Favored - Reverbnation