Seth Chapla Band / Press

“Seth, if you were not, in fact, the greatest guitar player living or dead, I would say you are merely wildly inappropriate. But since you are, I will just have to chalk it up to your being an idiot savant. Who is also, of course, the greatest guitar player in the world, living or dead.”

Nick Peck of Sycamore Park - Myspace

“The Seth Chaplas Rock! Thank you for a great performance at the recent KDVC Radio Riot. You helped make the concert a big success. Seth, your guitar playing is more soulful than ever!”

Tim White - Myspace

“Thanx for headlining our SOLD OUT show @ Blakes Seth Chaplas, Im glad we had a perfect show, besides the fact we sold it out, your set was AMAZING !!!!”

Scary Gary of KGEntertainment - Myspace