“It’s safe to say that Setgang is fearless past the bars that they drop. By stepping into new territories to test and overcome they powerfully send a message that they’re here and don’t plan on going anywhere. Building an empire from individual legacies to create an army that’ll dominate the hiphopian world is the goal. Quite honestly they’re already achieving it. While others are taking on one part of the craft at a time Setgang is running through all the doors and each opportunity they take is fulfilling what’s on the blueprint. Get hip and don’t sleep. Setgang is building out here. You rather donate a brick than get hit with one later. Trust me.”

"Cleveland-based support act Setgang, local rappers who don their record label as their group moniker, also impressed. They’re among the nominees for “Best New Group” in the Ohio Hip-Hop Awards next month at Playhouse Square’s Ohio Theater."

“Setgang. A movement of men who have bars for days and a hunger to kill the game to it’s full capacity. With their expansions and boundary breaking they’ve been letting the world know they’re out here. In their newest drop On Ya Mind Setgang let us know that music isn’t the only thing they can slay. Now, this isn’t a jawn I would usually dig but one thing Mama does respect is diversity. They gave me that. Half-A-Dozen, Suni Talynt, Too Major, and RC Sniper make it known to the ladies that your body will end up being whipped playing with them. But between the lines they spit and the production work it’s easy to say your ears might be the first thing to get hooked. With an ill production to back up their bars it’s bound to catch your attention. Setgang goes full throttle with the sexy male ego women want to hear and spit the words men who “do it well” text at 2a on this joint. The individual creativity and feel for the track they brought welded well which isn't an easy f”

"Setgang has been a defined as a reputable company with some extremely talented individuals who do everything from hiphop to graphic design, music videos & movies."

“Setgang is at it AGAIN! Once more they’ve been nominated for Best Group for the annual Ohio Hiphop Awards. As I said in my cover story these men are hard working and only push quality out for the masses. That must be a true opinion if they’ve already taken home an award from the same event, right? Right! So, help them keep up their streak. If you’re a reader from Ohio you should mos def get on game fast! It only takes a smidget of your time. You have until the end of September to vote but don’t delay it. Every vote counts and with the ability to vote once a day you have PLENTY OF time to make sure yours does as well! Vote for Setgang Now on Category #16 Best Group at: www.ohiohiphopawards.com”

"Setgang South’s RC Sniper & Too Major also hosted this event. What made it stand apart compared to other venues I’ve been to is that you could experience live battles while you were there. It’s one thing to watch the Youtube videos, of which they have 100+ million views, but it’s another when you’re there watching spitters tear each other to pieces with bars and hear the wit drop out their mouths firsthand. A prime opportunity was also given, a slot to compete in a battle for $1,000! Who does that?!? Grind Time Now does."