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“This debut EP from Seris sounds like the band is serious about courting label attention. And it's not just because the sonic character of all three songs is top-notch, but also because there isn't a subpar performance in any of them. Seris sounds a lot like Nightwish with its penchant for dramatic tension and the way that it mixes classically strong vocals with crunchy guitar leads and makes rhythmic shifts that take unexpected turns without seeming forced. And it separates from that sort of thing with interesting tone choices on the edges of its atmospheric passages and in the percussion, especially the drum fills on "...And Fury." "Tamasisk" is reminiscent of Skunk Anansie, but with some of the rough edges worked out. This is progressive metal for people who like some imagination with their songwriting.”

"Not only do they possess great technical talent, the group's take on their chosen genre is rather inspiring at the very least. To us, they are destined for international success. Seris' ability to create a metallic cry is seconded only by their collective desire to progress. On stage and in the studio, Seris' songs take a departure from what you can normally call a "song." Their work in sound is pure metallic aria."

“The first thought that comes to mind when listening to this forward-thinking band is the unmitigated understanding of songwriting and structure these guys, and girl, possess. They establish themselves outside of the contemporary mainstream box through extensive use of poly-metric rhythms, technical melodic phrases and musical junctures, a feat only accomplished by the very talented.”

Steve Shultz - YourHub.com/Denver Post

“Seris is a band that sounds like a mixture of guitar heavy Mudvayne and the sultry femininity of Evanescence. The band skirts the line of typical avant-garde metal solely through the powerful female vocals of singer Melati Olivia. The juxtaposition of Olivia's sweet, somber vocals to minor chord progressions work to make the band stand out amongst other metal and progressive bands.”