Serenade II Darkness / Press

"SIID's nine-song album is an accomplishment for both Divion and Bloodfang, who are still in their teens... Bloodfang has speed on his side as a guitarist and Divion's guttural vocals are on their way to finding a place in the metal scene."

"...Divion and Bloodfang are more than just teenage metal musicians- they're teenage metal musicians with a cause... The duo uses metal to bring awareness to child abuse by making their lyrics accessible to those who may have been victims.

"'I wanted to be a voice for kids that don't have one, that's my ultimate goal,' says Divion. 'So I make a strong effort to make all my songs tie into the core subject of awareness and advocating against child abuse. Every song in Serenade II Darkness is about that.' Divion, who knew the reality of violence at a young age, wanted others facing harsh truths to know 'there's others that understand.'"

"This show has quite a few great things going for it: It's metal. By teens. For all ages. These guys- who go by Divion and Vidar Bloodfang- are serious about their music and their message, mixing thundering sound with a social justice message about child abuse and neglect."

Editor - The Wire