Septimius The Great / Press


“Septimius joins the team of artists to remake Peter Tosh Remix Project of "Legalize it"”

“America's Got Talent - Septimius makes the official commerical for the Philadelphia Auditions of America's Got Talent”

“Grammy Bound.... Septimius album "To Be Emperor" is up for Grammy consideration in 3 categories - Best New Artist, Best Alternative Album and Best Pop Duo Performance”

“11 Nominations/6 wins and outstanding performance at the Indie Music Channel Awards in Hollywood, CA at the Grammy Museum”

Indie Channel Music Awards

“Septimius the Great comes at you with his newly remixed track, “Who's The Sexiest” that has the swagger and back beats to make you just want to get down and get into his groove. This versatile artist from the state of Maryland just does it all from Opera, Rap, Hip /Hop, Dance and Electronic to Pop!”

“2015 - Nominated 7 times for the Indie Music Channels Awards for Dance and Rap categories !”

“Septimius songs featured on TV Show "Being Fabulous Rocks !!" on the CW Channel in DC.”

Ari Golocovsky - CW Channel

“New Song Collab "Kings of Clubs" with Boom Boom, G.U.G.G featuring Septimius The Great - now available on iTunes and stores worldwide...”

“Who's The Sexiest music video hits syndicated TV video show for all of NY - Channel 67 Time Warner Cable, Channel 85 RCN,Channel 33 FiOS Channel 34 Time Warner, Channel 67 Cable Vision, Channel 82 RCN, and Channel 42 Verizon”

“Worldwide New Music Release "We Party For The People" on LAD Records Available on ITunes, Google Play, Amazon, etc”

“New Music Channel is now airing Septimius Music Videos on their 24/7 music channel on Direct TV 343 (nationwide)”

“E Channel's Rich Kids of Beverly Hills plays Septimius' hit "Iam Fashion" on Episode 7 #BHGoesNYC”

“Septimius touring Europe !!!!”

“3x time Award Winner at the Indie Music Channel Awards in Hollywood, CA USA for Best Dance Music Artist, Best World Music Artist and Best Rap Video.”

“SEPTIMIUS !!!!!!”

“Septimius the Great: Energetic and Powerful! If you listen to his music and don't feel the urge to get up and dance then there is something wrong with you.”

“Septimius the Great: Confident and Charismatic, with an Infectious Boatload of Charm”

“Septimius the Great: Produces Quality On Everything He Does!”

“Septimius the Great: an Award Winning, Multi-Faceted Entertainer and Creative Innovator”

“Septimius the Great Creates Infectious Beats and Catchy Songs!”

“Creative and Unique !!!! We (America's Got Talent) invite you (Septimius The Great) to a VIP Audition based on the videos we have watched !!!!”

Miguel - America's Got Talent

“Winner of "Best Hip Hop Male Vocalist of the Year" at the International Music & Entertainment Awards - He's is AMAZING !!!!!!”

“Nominated for Best Music Artist at the RAW Baltimore Awards.”

“Saturday Night: The finale!!! OMG. What can I say about the finale? Ummm…It was super dooper (yes, i just said that) awesome. I there were even more amazing designers this night. There was even a performer who has been all over the world named Septimius The Great. I performed two song, first one called “I Am Fashion” and the other “I command you to dance” he changed the word dance to “walk” and performed while the models strutted their stuff down the runway in their recyclable designs.”

“Nominated for Best Club Music Artist of the Year at the Baltimore Music Awards.”

“He performed at the Charlotte Fashion Week finale show yesterday and had the crowd going crazy!”

“Septimius the Great, works diligently to get his music on the airwaves and into dance clubs”

“3 time nominee for the 2013 International Music and Entertainment Awards in: Hip Hop Male Vocalist of the Year Hip Hop Entertainer of the Year Hip Hop Album of the Year”

Colt Chambers - Int'l Music & Entertainment Association

“2013 Nominee for Best Dance Song”

Hollywood Music and Media Awards

“Hot New Music from Septimius The Great”

“Dance Artist And Fashion Icon Septimius The Great Releases New Single, "I Am Fashion"”

“July’s Breaking Artists: Kudos to Septimius the Great as Reverbnation Winner!”

“Septimius the Great is on something different with the track “Exotic Pleasure”. This dance track has a strong Asian infused harmony that makes it a dj favorite. Septimius the Great has rocked over the world making audiences move with his unmatched style.”

“FASHIONISTA @ Miami International Fashionweek”

“Feels good to see that artist like Septimius The Great are not just a recording artist but a performing artist with originality as well.”

“Now, this cat is the man of all trades as he just does it all and has the charisma and savvy to take you where you need to go as Septimius The Great will tell you in his interview.”

“Of all the Interviews that we do, this is my most anticipated one of the all”

“Exotic Pleasure song now available on Itunes, Google and worldwide”

“The Most Knowledgeable and Creative Music Artist we have ever met.....Listen to this up close and personal interview with Septimius The Great”

“He is a music artist from the DMV known for his high energy performances....”

“Hot Music !!!!!!! Hot Artist !!!!!! What does Septimius mean?”

“Fashion Foward, Music Foward, Trend Maker !!!!!!”

“Hot New Video !!!! Exotic Pleasure”

“SEPTIMIUS THE GREAT: From Ancient History To The Emperor Of Music!”

“Septimius somehow remains mysterious even though he puts a lot of himself out there. First, he goes by Septimius the Great, a Roman emperor who conquered the Parthian Empire, which, we assume, is a lot to live up to. Septimius (the singer, not the emperor) says he is influenced most by "diversity and adversity," which is simulatenously confusing and intriguing.”

“Septimius The Great gave wonderful performance in Northampton last Saturday. The crowd was out of their seats and storming the stage just to share in his energy. An exciting show of style and grace put on by his dancers only punctuated Septimius's flare for fashion and fluid motion in music and movement.”

“Septimius, artists like you help us get through the days of the same ole, same ole, to do exciting and creative projects.”

“Last night was AMAAAAAZZZING>. You killed the stage.. As you know, EVERYONE LOVED YOU..(Great Job!!)”

“We reviewed your site and tracks. "Who is Sexiest (remix)". It has a alot of radio appeal and a great hook.”

“Out of 283 songs your song (Can I - remix) was pick as one of the hottest club banger tracks, so we are down to the Top 10 songs to get reviewed by Kevin Weeks - A&R for G-unit.”

“The Rhythmic Lounge radio has reviewed your music and we have officially added 2 songs to the live playlist for now. The songs we added are "Who the Sexiest" and "I am Fashion." You can click on "Listen Live" on the website to hear your song played. You have some real talent and we are happy to have you on the site. Congratulations!!”

“SEPTIMIUS THE GREAT PREPARED TO CONQUER TO THE MUSIC INDUSTRY Septimius aka Septimius the Great is destined to be one of music's most promising acts. This dynamic underground artist is sure to surmount the competition and live up to his nickname- the great emperor of music. His unparallel sound and the versatility of his music is exhibited in his new debut album- The New Rome.”

Tamika Simon - Thatz Dat Heat Productions (Trinidad)

“Septimius The Great signs a management contract with 2 Man Army Managment Group of Tampa, FL”

“Septimius The Great signs with Sa-la-Cious Streets TV to promote his music videos globally”

“Septimius The Great signs a digital distribution deal with Urban Filmz Distribution.”

“Septimius The Great hits Canada !!!!!!!!”

“Man let me tell you. Seldom do we find an individual as driven and determined as yourself. You are a bound for success. You deserve every bit of it.”

“Internet Radio Show - Twinkle and Hunny. Played the "Iam Fashion" track and let the listeners vote for a Like or Dislike. It passed !!!!!!!”

“Catch his radio interview on WFBR 1590 AM every Friday 3/18/11 Check out the attached video for yourself”

“Septimius The Great featured on the Red Carpet at the New Music Seminar 2011 event in Los Angeles, CA after the 53rd Grammys”

“New face and spokesmodel for Pure Blue Vodka”

Pure Blue Vodka

“Nominated in 5 categories for DMV awards in Washington, DC. Best MD Rap Artist Breakout Artist of the Year Song of the Year Club/Dance Track of the Year Best Alternative Artist”

“Nominated by NMS for the Top 100 Artist on the Verge.”

“Interview in the Hip Hop Stardom Magazine”

“Septimius The Great wins a Digital Distribution deal by Suthun Music/Sony Entertainment out of 15 multi-genre contestants based on his originality, stage presence and music content.”

Phynite Entertainment Co.

“Last Night being the only Pop artist in a Hip Hop competition produced by Top 50 Mics, Septimius The Great placed 2nd out of 13 rappers. Proving that his music is now accepted in multiple genres such as: Hip Hop, Pop, Rock and Dance. Reigning supreme and defeating 11 out of 12 other rap artists.”

Top 50 Mics

“Septimius The Great wins a Marketing and Promotions deal at the Top Mics Tour competition out of 13 Hip Hop contestants based on his creativeness and uniqueness.”

“Despite the tantalizing twofer, Midnight Sun didn't go to Windup Space Friday to watch Dirty Marmaduke Flute Squad and Septimius the Great. The feedback was that the show was, in the words of one Project Runway contestant, "cray cray." Marmaduke gave out fake mustaches to everyone who came in, so that from stage, it looked like a boisterous crowd of Tom Sellecks. Then Septimius came on, wearing a trench coat with a print louder than Dirty Marmaduke that actually matched the Windup's floor. It sounded too good to be true. And yet, guitarist Nikc Miller sent video earlier this week. It's after the jump. You might want to put on your sunglasses before staring Septimius do "I am fashion," or as he would say, "I AM FASHION." Septimius the Great performing "I am fashion" at Windup Space Friday, October 8.”

“Septimius WAS super nice, on time, and completely drama-free. And yes, his Dolph Lundgren bodyguard was awesome. ”

“We we're more than happy to invite Septimius to play for our crowd. We are essentially passing our torch of absurdity onto him. He is a true professional and a super nice guy. I predict big things happening for Septimius the Great.”

“As I arrived at the venue, I noticed that he had already arrived: Septimius and his entourage were there. Septimius, his manager, and his bodyguard, Dave. Dave resembled Dolph Lundgren with a bluetooth headset, as he followed his protected lord around with arms behind his back, never wavering from his duty. After a few minutes of marveling at the greatest rapper and Black Roman Emperor ever. Once DMFS had completed their set, the time had arrived to welcome local powerhouse Septimius the Great to the stage in order to perform his worldwide sensation, “I Am Fashion.” He performed the entire track in a full houndstooth suit, because he is very fashionable. The crowd loved his energy as well (naturally), as he ended his performance with a triumphant “I’m Septimius, bitch!” You sure are Septimius, you sure are.”

“SILENCE! All hail the glorious arrival of Baltimore emperor/hip-hop champion/fashion icon, the legendary Septimius The Great! In case you weren't aware, he is almost 2,000 years old. He sits on a throne of naked people. He raps in slow motion. He cannot be defeated. Septimius will blind you with fashion, and crush you with his deadly rhymes. All shall bow before the might and splendor of Septimius the Great!”

Erik Maza - Baltimore Sun Newspaper

"We have never had an entertainer that brought such a professional and entertaining performance to our events. His music is different, infectous and full of energy"

CEO - Creative Events International

"Septimius is an excellent performer and his stage show draws the crowd in."

Will Caldwell - Will C Productions

"Septimius made me laugh out loud, made me want to improve my grooming, made me want to go shopping, made me want to have some fun and all whille your dj is still dancing to these tunes. Warm Welcome, Septimius, Funk Sanctum Radio got bumped up a notch with your professional, soulful, infectious sound. You are so cute!"

DJ Goddessa - Funk Sanctum Radio

"Es pegajoso el Fashion .......mañana remito a mis amigos de las radios Un abrazo, Ana Maria" (Iam Fashion is catchy....... tomorrow I send my friends of the radio station around Chile. A hug from Ann Maria)

Ximena Contigo - Ximena Contigo TV Show

"Septimius and his music inspires creativity and imagination".

X9 Media Group

"Septimius embodies the Roman Empire. His influence is vast as he exudes an ancient supremity on stage. Audiences (his legionaries) - can't help but bow to his authority....and groove to his sound"

Artscape Festival

“SILENCE! All hail the glorious arrival of Baltimore emperor/hip-hop champion/fashion icon, the legendary Septimius The Great! (Make sure you wear headphones when you click on that link.) In case you weren't aware, he is almost 2,000 years old. He sits on a throne of naked people. He raps in slow motion. He cannot be defeated. Behold, his glorious rap: Septimius will blind you with fashion, and crush you with his deadly rhymes. All shall bow before the might and splendor of Septimius the Great! ”

Baltimore Sun

“Nominated for Best Dance Song - "Iam Fashion" for the Hollywood Music in Media Awards”

“Top #2 on the Top Indie Song Charts for "Who's The Sexiest"”

FM Charts