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“Opener 'Go For The Throat' went, as it no doubt hoped, straight for my jugular and, honestly, surprised me....Second song 'A Place To Call Your Own' proves that the opener was no fluke; in fact, it's probably better - a smearing of melody sticking to a savage riff. 'Always' treads the goth-pop-rock path that I guessed the entire album would follow: it fits the concept - "a dark culture fantasy told through the heart and split soul of a girl named September" - perfectly and it's hard not to get stuck in its honey trap of catchiness. 'Fallen' opens in a way that just wants you to start typing the word 'Evanescence' before kicking the keys out of your hand; actually, the song sounds like a good version of Lacuna Coil. 'Love Is War (Romanticide)' is massive, sounding like a song that those Black Veil Brides would kill to be in possession of....seeing as they have none of their own. The electro drop-out in the song's mid-section is almost Defiled in nature.”

"A good concept album is one in a million. Not only does an artist have to write music and lyrics, as with any traditional album, but they also have to come up with a theme that spreads cohesively across the entire album. September Mourning let loose quite an impressive display of ambition with their debut album Melancholia. It is a tale of gothic darkness, entwined in the fantasy world of a young girl who is trapped between life and death. And it skillfully rips your face off musically in the process. The concept and story line behind September Mourning is the creation of Emily Lazar and Marc Silvestri of Top Cow Comics. The band’s name is identical to the name of the main character, a girl who is a reaper – in other words, she lives between life and death, carrying the people who passed on to their final resting place. According to the synopsis of the storyline, each song on the album represents emotions and memories absorbed when she takes a soul...."

"'Melancholia' è un emozionante viaggio tra anime rapite ai propri corpi, tristi memorie e scenari decadenti con 'Always' e 'Seal Your Fate' che raggiungono le vette emotive più elevate e passaggi quali 'Go For The Throat' e 'A Place To Call Your Own' che invece esaltano la dimensione più heavy e live oriented. 'Fallen' e 'Beyond The Grave' sono altri momenti di rilievo in un ascolto che non tradisce le ingenuità tipiche di ogni debutto e lascia spazio ad un'immaginario fantastico, non dissimile da quello evocato da Emilie Autumn, nel quale saranno in molti a ritrovarsi. "

“Power, strength, raw emotion, and a sweeping sonic landscape. That was my initial thoughts on September Mourning's debut album Melancholia. This sonic tale of a Reaper named September Mourning, takes the listener on a journey through an almost apocalyptic landscape. It's a full album, by this I mean it's not just built around the strength of one or two songs. The whole story unfolds from the first track to the last. Each track based on a soul that the Reaper collects giving us a glimpse into the roller coaster existence of the being known as September Mourning... Anyone with a liking for music with a dark edge will be right at home with this band. It's an album well suited for dreaming, releasing aggression, crying, getting lost in, or just plan rocking out.”

"Debut album dei September Mourning La RepoRecords informa che: Il 18 maggio 2012 il debut-album dei September Mourning sarà in commercio in tutta Europa. L'album intitolato "Melancholia" sarà distribuito in Italia attraverso RepoRecords / AUDIOGLOBE Srl "Melancholia" è un viaggio musicale attraverso le..."

"SEPTEMBER MOURNING STELT MELANCHOLIA VOOR Het Duitse September Mourning brengt binnenkort het album Melancholia uit, een verzameling nummers uit de periode 2009-2010. Daarvan is nu een trailer te zien, Melancholia : The Legend of the Skullfly. Je kunt ze hier bekijken. " More love from overseas press and fans... This time the Netherlands... http://www.zwaremetalen.com/nieuws/22440/September-Mourning-stelt-Melancholia-voor.html