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“'Blind Side' may be an over-wrought concept but the lyrics of this song give the concept a healthy twist. Well-written and executed, Sepia gives us a new outlook with their compelling pop rock performance.'”

“Yep, remember that name ‘cause this Baltimore quartet is a musician’s musician band. During the band’s nine-song set, one second I could swear I heard strains of CBGB-era Talking Heads then the next it was a smattering of P-Funk, but then before I could wrap my head around that, the band intricately wove in some STP, Flogging Molly and Goo Goo Dolls … Yeah, pretty damned original in a familiar sort of way. Each distinctive, well-crafted and hook-laden song performed throughout the tight set caressed the ears and minds and then kicked the listener in the ass with some bombastic musicianship. Color me impressed!”

“Having never heard of this band before, I was delightfully surprised as I listened to "...Break My Heart" by Baltimore's Sepia. Started in 2006 it is comprised of Chris Grey, Colleen Becker, Derek Falzoi, and Ryan Beckelman. At first listen, I really couldn't put a comparison to anyone because each song is from a different genre, which I loved. You have some rock, you have some alternative, and you have some acoustic rock. 'Bait Me" reminded me of Nirvana with its guitars. 'Going' has that Dramarama feel. The one song that did stand out to me instantly from this album was 'Don't Get Me Wrong'. It was a perfect mixture of Weezer meets Death Cab For Cutie. Taking almost two and a half years to record, Sepia has put out 12 original songs from this release and you can tell from the sound of it, they took their time to get it right. The last track, 'Better Than Nothing' could have made a Vertical Horizon CD. All in all, I was more than pleased with this disc from Sepia.”

“They put in the work, and have a sound of their own”

"Whatever you call it, their unique blend pulls from a diverse set of influences spanning blues, rock, punk, metal and pop."

“The vocals are expressive and confident. They're edgy and stylish. The vocal melody's are attention grabbing. The musical accompaniment is rhythmic and clever.”

ReverbNation Crowd Review, Anonymous Listener

"The vocalist has a smooth voice which is priceless in the music industry and is coveted throughout the genres."

ReverbNation Crowd Review, Anonymous Listener - ReverbNation

“When listening to your songs and his (John Meyer) songs there is one thing in common and that is the guitar, which I love. I love the vocals of this song and I can picture a lot of people relating to it. I can see this song (Harmony) on the iTunes top 10 already. I believe that you will make it big in the real world you just need one big break.””

ReverbNation Crowd Review, Anonymous Listener - ReverbNation