Sena Ehrhardt Band / Press

“Powerful, shake dress wearin’, hip shakin’, muscle bound, high heel wearin, I’m gonna take this thing to the max type-woman”

Jacquie "Lady J" Maddix - KFAI Radio- Rollin' and Tumblin' May 1, 2011

“It was guitar, bass and drums and you guys filled up that club like crazy. That bass player, Mr. Steve Hansen, the playing was tasty, strong, effective, not overly busy just right where you need it to be”

Jacquie "Lady J" Maddix - KFAI Radio Rollin' and Tumblin' May 1, 2011

"Sena Ehrhardt is a shooting star accelerating to light speed. The Sena Ehrhardt Band is Ed Ehrhardt on guitar, Dancin' Steve Hansen on the bass and Tim Hasler on the drums. I wish this band all the luck in the world but something tells me they manufacture their own luck, for the harder you work the luckier you are and this gal certainly is not sitting still."

"If there ever was a strong wind of passion, Sena Ehrhardt was swept into it. Music is in her soul, her mind, her family...Once she steps up to a microphone, the music takes over and she is transformed from a busy twenty-something businesswoman to a charismatic free spirit."

"The Saturday lineup started off with The Sena Ehrhardt Band out of Minnesota. Sena is a very striking performer who has it all going on. She is a great vocalist who really knows how to put her all into a performance. She played a range of music styles that included Blues, Soul, R&B and some Jazz. She is a real knock-out and her father Ed Ehrhardt is a fantastic guitar player. Put this band on your must see list!"

“The ever-quotable B.B. King, bluesman extraordinaire once said that he always thought playing the blues was "like having to be black twice. Stevie Ray Vaughan missed on both counts but I never noticed." Sena Ehrhardt missed four times, if you add in her being young and female, but once she opens her mouth to sing, you never notice that, either. And when she opens her mouth to speak, instead, you find the articulate 28-year-old is out to bust some stereotypes.”

"Probably the biggest surprise of the day for me was the opening band which was called the Sena Ehrhardt Band. Possessing a voice of an angel and backed by an excellent bass player, drummer and her father on lead guitar, Sena led us through some spirited and sultry Blues. If you get a chance to see this band, definitely do it! I was able to capture the last song of their set. It’s an old John Prine song called “Angel From Montgomery” and how appropriate that “Angel” is included in it’s title."

“You need to get out and see this band sometime! The SEBand is one of my favorites.”

"Fronting her new band, Rochester singer Sena Ehrhardt will compete Sunday in the Road to Memphis Challenge at Whiskey Junction in Minneapolis. Ehrhardt, one of southern Minnesota's most recognizable blues vocalists...has put together the Rochester-based Sena Ehrhardt Band."

“This group is formed around Sena and it shows. Her vocals just shine. I have never heard her this good and was totally impressed. The sky's the limit for this gal.”

“Decked out with a red rose in her hair and accompanied by her talented guitarist father (Ed Ehrhardt) Sena is another gifted new voice on the Minnesota music scene (playing mostly in southern MN and playing what I would describe as more rock/roots/blues). She lit up the crowd with a mixture of songs from Johnny Cash (Folsom Prison Blues) to Junior Wells (Messin' With The Kid, which was done several times tonight by other performers). She was also very appreciative of the house band who could play anything she asked them to. ”