Selwyn Birchwood / Press

"Don’t Call No Ambulance (is) the remarkable debut album by young guitarist/singer Birchwood… a damn fine listen through and through. (He is) a powerhouse player and emotive performer whose work respects blues tradition but could not be more contemporary. His band, his material, and both his skilled guitaring and soulful vocals are the essence of fully-formed; Birchwood is a major player…. Highly recommended."

"Selwyn Birchwood is an indelibly modern and original next-generation bluesman; his tough vocals, guitar and lap steel touch on classic Chicago blues, Southern soul and boogie."

“Selwyn Birchwood is making waves, surprising people and defying expectations. Be on the lookout. He revels in the unexpected.”

Living Blues

“A genius revelation and a pleasure...roaring guitar and down-home lap steel.”

Blues Matters

"A hip shaking, roof rattling mix of blues that has won over countless fans!" -American Blues Scene

American Blues Scene

“​"Selwyn Birchwood’s cutting leads draw blood like razor-edged sawgrass. That’s only appropriate for a Sunshine State native, who titled his 2011 debut recording FL Boy." -Jazz Blues Florida Magazine​ ​”

Jazz Blues Florida Magazine