Sellassie / Press

“new music from San Francisco based artist Sellassie.This cat has been grinding super hard for the past couple of years and in the true spirit of the Bay Area Independent hustle, dude put out a record 200 songs.His new album 'I'm Trying to Make a Living Not a Killing' says it all.”

“The big names of the Hard Truth Soldiers Tour coming through Eureka Friday demonstrate that Humboldt is now on the map for some of the larger hip-hop acts out there, but don't sleep on the new breed of conscious MCs opening up the show. One of those MCs is San Francisco's Sellassie. ”

“Sellassie anoints himself a "revolutionary black gangsta" in "Stay Believin'." This San Francisco emcee commendably strives to be positive and progressive,”

“KW: How have your previously released albums been received by the fan base? S: It’s a breath of fresh air when you listen to a radio station that plays the same songs 20 times a day. Some of my fan base are scared for me because Im too real, kinda how Obama feels right now. ”