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“Absolutely love your stuff and why you are not on the radio!!!?? See you later on N1M...and God bless your talent!”

Maria Bianko - Number One Music

“Omg I listened to your stuff for the first time a few days ago and just love it. Cheers to your hard work!”

Nina Tadic - Number One Music

“Walkin' The Line....it is fantastic!!! I've been listening all morning.”

Lakisha Mcbrayer - Number One Music

“Absolutely love your music!!! You've got a talent! Cheerzzzz!!”

Thomas Boulden - Number One Music

“I can listen to your music all day! Great work!”

Ashley Darwin - Number One Music

“NumberOneMusic Charts - Week 23, 2015 Hi Seismic Anamoly! Congratulations, Your songs in Top 100 Broken Dreams: #1 for Instrumental in United States, Mississippi, #13 for All Genres in United States, Mississippi #33 for Instrumental in United States, #60 for Instrumental in All Countries”

Number One Music

“I'm so happy I found your music on N1M recently. Howl At Tha Moon is so awesome! I play it over and over in my playlist. It's soooo rare to find good and interesting music nowdayzzz )))...”

Tommy Stephens - Number One Music

“I personally think that it shows you are musically gifted if you bring us different kinds of music rather than just playing the same thing tune after tune. I like your music very much because of its diversity and you are not tryin' to repeat yourself or any other artist out there. I appreciate the creativity you put into your music style.”

Cornell Cantu - Number One Music

“Cool Tunes! I'll recommend it always...”

Ragn Henriksen - Number One Music

“Love it! Walkin' The Line is where my love for your sounds began.”

Santos Deluca - Number One Music

“NumberOneMusic Charts - Week 18, 2015 Hi Seismic Anamoly! Congratulations, Your songs in Top 100 Broken Dreams: #1 for Instrumental in United States, Mississippi #13 for All Genres in United States, Mississippi #36 for Instrumental in United States #65 for Instrumental in All Countries”

Number One Music

“Hi! I want to say thank you for all your tracks, especially Howl at tha Moon. They've really helped me the last couple of weeks buckle down and finish off most of my projects. Keep it up!”

Zachery Mays - Number One Music

“Howl At Tha Moon is playin' within my favourites for the last week (I discovered you then!). Thank you for these tunez and your music. A fan ever since I heard them for the first time.”

Gordon Hart - Number One Music

"Howl at tha Moon". What a good tune. Much respect and admiration. Its a blessing to hear something like this when one starts to think: are we really inspired enough these days? Thank You!

Sofia - Number One Music

“Can u create some again like...Howl At Tha Moon??????? I'm your unconditional fan.”

Neal Clifton - Number One Music

“I'm definitely looking forward to the new songs, Howl At Tha Moon IS A MARVEL.”

Casper DaNatto - Number One Music

“I luv your tune Crying In The Rain....I havent heard all of your music yet but I'm sure I will...It would be great if you could add more tunes to your N1M playlist, so I can add more to my favs there.”

Roshel Wesley - Number One Music

“Hi...I have to admit that 'Howl At Tha Moon' is the best of your N1M music list....as far as I can see you've got a lot of potential to make it really big one day! I'll support you 'till the end.”

Hal Monahan - Number One Music

“I remember bumping my addiction to Howl At Tha Moon in the cab turning all my customers on to your music. I am sure you are making it big. Keep it on!!”

Mui Cheung - Number One Music

“Hi! If I were walking along the streets of New York at night, contemplating and wondering, Broken Dreams would be the tune in the background. My love for this one will never fade away.”

Michael Power - Number One Music

“I wanna let you know that I started my day with Walkin' The Line - your music is always with me!”

Natesh Parashurama - Number One Music

"I love ALL of them, each one is great........but Howl At Tha Moon, A WINNER!!!!!!"

Betsy Griffen - Number One Music

“Excerpt from Seismic Anamoly Interview with (now defunct) Space Junkies Magazine for 3rd Anniversary Issue, by Wednesday Elektra: "Wednesday: I know you have an enormously long list of accomplishments, but what have been some of the best accomplishments for you personally? Any that really stick out and make you say "wow, I can't believe I accomplished that"? 1. Getting my tune “Crying In The Rain” on the same CD as Papa Roach and a Stevie Nicks tune with the “Feral Autumn” soundtrack to be released nationally this Fall….. 2 .Having "Howl At Tha Moon" featured on Skratch Magazine's Indie Music Giveaway Compilation CD included in issue #108, February, 2005 3. Having mine and Mike Burn’s collab "Walkin' The Line" selected as a Finalist in the BLUE MAN GROUP Guitarist Search Opportunity at TonosPRO, August, 2003 4. Winning the "Guitarhoo MP3 challenge" at Guitarhoo.com in 2003”

Wednesday Elektra - Space Junkies Magazine

“Energetic and exciting rockin music! The Snake Eyes cd is entergetic and exciting, rockin music. Very professionaly produced. All of the songs are very good. My personal favorite is "Cryin in the Rain." Great work!!!”

“Seismic is a * ROCK STAR* i highly recommed SNAKE EYES!!! This excellent musician will captivate you with his skillfully crafted songs. Seismic Anomaly combines sweet melodies with sonic intensity. All in All Seismic is a HIT MAKER SOUL SHAKER !!!!!”

“Seismic Anamoly shakes the very foundation of your soul. I was going just to listen to one track; Forget That. You gotta hear the whole thing. Seismic Anamoly shakes the very foundation of your soul. Nothing sweet and soft here. If you got a Harley, get on it and ride. I haven't heard musicianship like this in years. These tunes leave their mark, very memorable.”

“The brainchild of Meridian, Mississippi's Michael S., this instrumental rocker seethes with a growling guitar attack backed by post industrial rhythms. You feel the influences of Ministry and Ramstein, kissed with guitar work that can range from punked up squawk in "Just Don't Give a Damn" to hair metal shred in "Runnin' Amok." With fresh song writing approaches, Michael proves you don't have to be an arpeggio master to create intense rock guitar instrumentals.”

“Meridian, Mississippi native Seismic Anamoly recently received the honor of being named a Finalist in the Electronic/Dance category by the Song of the Year songwriting contest. Song of the Year is an international songwriting contest supporting VH-1's Save the Music Foundation. The Song of the Year judges are some of the biggest names in music, including many Grammy Award winners. Song of the Year is excited to recognize Seismo for his exceptional songwriting/composing ability for the song "KickBack". Seismo competed against songwriters from all over the world for this honor.”

““Dramatic, frantic intro to this track. Several sound effects, including what sounds like rain. The layering of this track is nicely done. The introduction of the guitar adds much more interest. It 's like it almost singing. The melody in this track is really compelling.””

““I like the raining and drizzling effect at the start of this song. The keyboard range that follows with the guitar beat and techno sounds is good. Ramp up of the song in places with what sounds like vocals is cool. Chime-like keyed effects with the guitar is solid and flows really well in those places. Don't overdue it too much with the electric guitar as it brings more of a rock feel in places and the techno electronic mix is what makes this pretty unique, with bursts of the guitar but not longer guitar solos. Otherwise, this song has an intensity and bursts of good solid energy which flow.””

““I hear a beautiful array of strings by a lovely quality acoustic guitar. The melody is very pleasant and already has the foundational layout to actually make a good song out of it. This just needs a singer and a killer song and it could take off on radio.””

““Reminds me of the clubbing 90's. Great for Ibiza. A really strong and hypnotic melody with style and attitude. The beats take over and you want to get lost in the music. I like the blend and variation of the track. A club floor anthem.””

““The introduction is very hard hitting. I like the use of natural sounds including thunder and sirens. The instruments are very electric. I like the guitar because it sounds like a voice. This song sound like it is in the style of jimi hendrix and is very powerful. I would listen to this song because it is very calm.””

““This instrumental is a smorgasbord of synthesized sounds that have a retro 80s Herbie Hancock type vibe. It is truly a delight to the ears! Each instrument is like a singer and has its turn performing a solo. This song has commercial potential as a movie theme: perhaps to an action flick. The rhythm is catchy and maintains my interest throughout.””

““very fast paced intro, not too busy which is nice, has more effects creeping in there which is starting to build up a really good backing beat, tempo doesnt really change for almost a minute then a weird science fiction style sound affect appears, followed by some great electric guitar work that really sells itself.””

““Very cool song. I feel like I am being transported back to the 80s, when music was better. Thank you for that. The guitar lines are cool without being too overpowering. I would have loved to hear more bass in this. Otherwise, it has great energy.””

““Wow i love this beat,all i could picture was stars and space a very nice futuristic sound,I really like this track very soothing feel to it,Its almost as if your Mind is on a trip,pure soul music,Great instrumental,10 out of 10 pure entertainment at its best,I would love to hear a couple of good artist on this track.””

““This song is attention grabbing right away with its fast pace of streaming music. It is light and bright with a fun melody and tempo. It really winds up to something great and fantastic. Each instruments creates its own amazing atmosphere in this song.””

““The sound effects on the introduction to this song are good. The tune makes you feel like you are watching something from the twilight zone. When the tempo changes, it is good because now you feel like you are listening to a different genre of song. The musicians have good skill and good, quality drums!””

““Futuristic sounding synths and beat, a bit spacey. Can imagine floating around in space listening to the beginning. The guitar kicks in and shocks, funky little beat and nice riff to get your teeth into. Very enjoyable, the guitar acting as a storyteller is something I can really appreciate. Words not needed, this song tells a story of it 's own.””

““Huge air of mystery in the intro to this track. Lots of strong sounds. Powerful entry from the instrumentals. More so the guitar. Melody is likeable. Admire the skills of the guitarist. Keeps the riffs fresh and interesting. The arrangement of this track has great variation and certainly engages the listener.””

““Sound effects on the start of this tune. Very nice sounds like outer space. It then goes to warp speed and changes to a hard rock sound.very fast. The guitar player is exceptionally talented in this. I love the style.””

“Seismic Anamoly's tune "Crying In The Rain" to be used in Tragi-Comedy Film, "Feral Autumn", by NYC Visions Films........ NYC Visions Films has announced that Seismic Anamoly's tune "Crying In The Rain"" will be used in their upcoming Tragi-Comedy film, "Feral Autumn", directed by A.L. "MIG" McFarland. The Soundtrack is planned to be released Nationally. Film Details: Feral Autumn is shot in High Definition format. It is a full length SAG Indie Feature. Feral Autumn is a dark tragi-comedy of major dysfunctional proportions. It has horrific elements and very dramatic and disturbing themes. A cult classic in the making for the twisted mind. If you liked Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Requiem for A Dream, you will feel at home with Feral Autumn. "Crying In The Rain" reached #1 on ARTISTLAUNCH R&B/Funk Chart and #7 on ARTISTLAUNCH Top 40 Chart in March, 2004.....it was also featured on GPLK, Inc. ROCK FESTIVAL Compilation CD, July, 2004.....”

"`Howl At Tha Moon` sounds like a Viking Throwdown. Despite little melody, this track manages to be entertaining on sheer energy and heart. This could be the new Native American music, transcendental and good for dancing or meditating while you`re ripped out of your brains. The tribal rage will never die. Your playing is all heart and embodies the spirit fully. The style is rendered without the need for fantastic solos or parts. If there were some awesome breaks or beats, differing instruments or passages of different music, there would be more opportunity for glory. But it rocks as is. This is the most straightforward music I`ve encountered in this genre; call it `Wordless Rock Groove`."

“The Blue Man Group, who became an international phenomenon with their television commercials for Intel, is now more famous for their groundbreaking live performances. People from all over the world and all walks of life and from all age groups have become fans of the Blue Man Group. And they came looking for guitarists to become part of their shows throughout the U.S. Congratulations to these 13 PRO guitar-slingers, who are having their submissions forwarded for further consideration: *Amphibians - "Cabane De Dounier" *Prashant Aswani - "Seven" *Kenny Belanger - "She Makes Me Wonder" *Dave Dill - "Bluemangroove" *Michael Jost - "Yeah" *Jon Kabbash - "Guitar Stuff" *Timo Laine - "Hunter" *Obijuan - "Nasty" *Riko - "I.Y.S." *Seismic Anamoly - "Walkin' The Line" *Eric Seiz - "Studio / Live Medley" *John Sid - "The Red Priest" *Vlad - "Uke"”

“Seismo is not touring yet, and probably never will. But fans of this music will wonder why that's important. The studio is where Seismic Anamoly shines. It's brilliant mixing work, leveling layer upon layer of guitar, bass, and percussion. "I have always loved Metal, but I am definitely a student of the Old Skool. The new Hardcore Metal and Grindcore really doesn't appeal to me much...the music is great, but to me the lyrics sound like somebody hugging the John after a rough nite..." Though it's a tough life for a musician, Mike admits that you've got to be a realist, even if the fans love ya. "I haven't quit my day job, if that's what you mean, and probably never will. I'm not that good... but I enjoy making my music and having a great time doing it. I like to kick back and play around with different musical scenarios until the right one comes along. I would love for at least one of my tunes to be used in a Film or TV show... that would be the Ultimate for me.”

“The first album of Seismic Anamoly, let's see what it is. In a world where is so much to hear, I try to pick things that are worth listening. I think I've got one here. This progressive metal/rock project by Mike (yes it's a one person project) is something I've never heard before; hard metal guitar riffs, supported by drums, sometimes a drumcomputer and industrial sounds and a keyboard. Most of the times the main riff is being played through the entire song, which gives the song a kinda relaxing effect, it makes you just wanna sit down and enjoy the song. Sometimes a second riff comes in en strengthens the song and blows you out of your chair where you were just relaxing in. Weird noises come in and gives the song a psycho lick. Really cool. Overall: a really melodic, powerfull chilled-down sound, and diverse tracks.”

“Again I fall into the depths of the progressive stuff. Almost every progressive band is different and can't be compared to another, that's what it is that makes it hard to call a band progressive or not, is it really new, or some spin-off from the 80's/90's? Seismic Anamoly is a one person-project which produces progressive rock/metal. I can't call this metal, and I can't call it rock, it's somewhere in between. Heavy guitar riffs are driven by the drums, forget about the vocals because there just not there. That makes this instrumental progressive rock/metal, or whatever you want to name it.”

“Seismic Anamoly "Walkin' The Line" "Home grown Rock and Roll" the bio says and I would have to agree. His influences are as varied as his tone and as you listen to his tracks (four albums worth!) over at Magnatune, you'll find yourself bobbing and weaving, tapping and rocking, eventually reaching over to rewind the CD player and saying to yourself "I need to hear that one more time." Some of Seismic Anamoly's tunes are on the harsher side, but if we can get used to Nine Inch Nails then anything is possible. (I actually remember when I thought that Iron Maiden was as hard-sounding as humanly possible...yes I'm fairly old.) Visit Seismic Anamoly at Magnatune.”

"A good rhythm and beat is crucial to a song and is a fundamental to lovemaking. So when my head went to bobbing to this cd my girl said it ranked pretty high on the richter scale. It RAWKED, BROTHER!! I have before me 2 separate CD's and one common fact; both are hard to classify. At first I think Heavy Metal, and then I think Dance music.....HUH, you say?! Well, I can see it being both really. But to top it off, it's Instrumental Rock. S.A. has a style very much his own that's technically Metal with nice volume and velocity. I can see myself listening to this music on a long drive when I want to do some thinking without hearing somebody screaming over the music. S.A. has done very well for himself in the way of promotions. I have seen numerous websites that feature his music and several that have him ranked high on their list. He now ranks high on mine. Check it out for yourself."

K-Man - CD Smash

"Seismic Anamoly - Instrumental ROCK with heart-pounding guitar licks and steady rhythm. Check out his site and download the tunes. My favorite is 'Cum With Me'. Be sure to watch the video 'Iron Horse'. This is heavy metal with attitude. It's climbing the MP3 charts and getting airplay in Brazil and Hawaii and you don't want to miss this."

Gin of Arc - CD Smash

"Took a listen at your songs. "Broken Dreams" is easily my favorite. Could tell why it was number 1 for a while. Ahh I'm back to headbanging again! Great songs...kinda reminds me of an earlier better Metallica...just a hint of them."

"Just had a listen to your tunes. They took me back. I heard every influence that you described in your bio in "Just Don't Give a Damn". You get great chunk out of your rig. "Broken Dreams" was my favorite. Good stuff. "Always on my Mind" was a nice change of pace from the other two tunes. Great work."

"The drums might sound slightly hollow although the musicianship throughout `Broken Dreams` is fairly solid. You can especially here this in distorted power guitars that enter with the climax around the two-minute mark. This is the point where the song probably takes off and displays the most energy and from here on in it`s a great power metal listening experience. For fans of up-and-coming power metal, `Broken Dreams` is a track that you won`t want to miss."

MP3Magazine.net - MP3Magazine.net

"I just finished a review to share with the fans of electronic music, and I DO mean electronic! The music of the Seismic Anamoly Project is a style of song writing that has been blazing a trail to the charts and does take a lot of creativity to develop. Seismic Anamoly has, through this project, created some very nice grooves for the rest of the class to listen and move their bodies too. I found the mixes to be good, the beats strong, and the creativity there. This music is definitely worth a listen and it did not disappoint either my imagination or my ears."

Scott Michael - Shattered Dreams Music Magazine