Segosha / Press

“Your underrated for all its worth. Some times it takes a while for the masses to notice. Don't worry recognition and credit will come.The only problem is being patient even I have a big problem waiting for the doors to open.They always open when you least expect it and just when you've just about given up hope.Its just like a miracle.You get saved just before impending disaster. Your music has a fresh new chord of appeal and easy listening.That's a real special sound.Its valiant,rich and refined.Bravo Maestro.Keep up the stellar work your karma is great. Don't yield to anybody.”

The Lord of Lightning - ReverbNation

“Some people are unworthily underrated and unfairly undermined, while others endowed with mediocrity bask in the limelight receiving all the credit. The big picture is your music represents a higher quality of sound. You're a true treasure ,a rare breed.May your sounds spread across the universe. I know I'm not the first to tell you how terrific and wonderful you really are.Incredible music.Much respect.”

The Lord of Lightning - ReverbNation

“Some people are really gifted musicaly.Yes,you are one of them.The songs that you have created have a lot of potential and have made a very positive impression on me.You are a remakably talented person with great depth and imagination”

The Lord of Lightning - ReverbNation

"Full Armor" -- excellent track!

JD3Ym4Dmüxic5 - SoundCloud

“You've got those supernatural songs which have a lot of passion and feeling.You surely deserve a place at the top.I see you have some musical elements that can make you successful just remain vigilant and firmly plot your course.The road is yours with you magical and uplifting sound.Your magnificent.”

The Lord of Lightning - ReverbNation

"In Silence" -- powerful.

Emily Highfield - SoundCloud

“Your song, 'Motherlove (Sorrow Fades Away)'....wow, superb!!! love this sound and rhythm!!”

Dominique Briand - SoundCloud

“We have just listened to your amazing tune 'Hidden Thing'. You have a God-given talent and we will be following your inevitable future successes!!!! it's an honor to be your friends & fans.”

Heidi - Number One Music (N1M)

“Fantastic music.Great tracks.Kooooooooooooooooooool sound. You should be around for a while.I love your style. Keep up that spectacular work. Your at the mountain top.”

The Lord of Lightning - ReverbNation

“I've been listening to 'The Battle for Your Soul' in these last couple of days non stop, I played this song for my friends at a dinner party and everybody instantly loved it.”

Dora - Number One Music

“Like a bolt from the blue its you you you.So what in the world are you trying to do? It seems like your trying to take over with those marvelous songs.Well it ain't right but it ain't wrong to make people think about you infectious and addictive songs.I think your on your way to bigger and better things.Just be patient for all those wonderful things. that the future will bring.You certainly deserve a lot more attention and credit so don't feel down because I said it.Your music is like a flavorful ocean of raw emotion.Aim for the top and don't give up and don't stop.Your a real standout.Keep up the great work.Much respect.I honor you.”

The Lord of Lightning - ReverbNation

“Your a musical champion with a wonderful sound.”

The Lord of Lightning - ReverbNation

“Your music is like a hurricane knocking everything down in its path.That storm your sound makes creates a positive change and clears the air that goes right to the heart with a grand start.You have a divine magical touch that's so good you cant get enough. Keep up the great work”

The Lord of Lightning - ReverbNation

“Superb music with a supernatural sound.You deserve a lot of attention and credit.What an incredible musical innovation.Keep up the good work.”

The Lord of Lightning - ReverbNation

“Great job .... Hidden Thing , lyrics and progression caught my attention ...”

C.T. Spencer - ReverbNation

“Your music penetrates straight to the heart right where it should be. I Iove the feeling you have behind it. You're an innovater. You're a giant. Keep up the good work.”

The Lord of Lightning - ReverbNation

“I am awed by your dynamic delivery of the songs you write.I can feel every note.The passion and the smoothness of all your emotion.I can tell you are evolving into a level of importance.You don't realize how potent you are.Keep on believing and keep on conceiving.Your going forward , don't let anyone put you down.You have my admiration and good faith.I wish you well”

The Lord of Lightning - ReverbNation

“NumberOneMusic Charts | week 46, 2016 Hi Segosha! Congratulations, Your song, "Hidden Thing" is #1 for Rock in United States, New Mexico!”


“I LOVED "Battle For Your Soul"!! Great lyrics, music, melody and vocals! Love the message! Keep fighting the GOOD fight!”

Samantha Brent - ReverbNation

“Hello, I stopped by on N1Mto enjoy your song Eternal city. You display a lot of talent here!”

Christopher Barnett - Number One Music (N1M)

“Great sound!! I am listenning to your tunes and really like it :) Just a moment ago I enjoyed listening to the battle for your soul. Good luck with your music.”

Odell Langley - Number One Music (N1M)

“Thank You for the great music! I love it!”

Zachery Mays - Number One Music (N1M)

“Your sound is like a rough cut diamond that sparkles anyway, that's all I have to say.”

The Lord of Lightning - ReverbNation

“Hi Danny, I have no words to describe the magic of your music :)”

Maggie Gablehouse - Number One Music (N1M)

"Mother Love (Sorrow Fades Away)"....wow, superb!!! love this sound and rhythm!!

Dominique Briand - SoundCloud

"Let Me Break" is a great track!! superb sound and vocal, amazing!!

Dominique Briand - SoundCoud

“As I'm listening to your sounds it seems like you deserve a lot more credit and recognition. However the powers that be are not always fair are they? Dont worry your day will come.You will succeed and overcome any adversity.Just be patient.Your great and prolific and don't let anyone fool you and take you for granted.”

The Lord of Lightning - ReverbNation

"Mother Love (Sorrow Fades Away)" -- amazing vocal,,,,,,,,,great sound,,,,,,,,,nice,,,,,,,,,good feeling

Rado Music Support - SoundCloud

"Let Me Break" -- Great sound and vocal,,,,,,,awesome,,,,,,,cool,,,,,,,,great work

Rado Music Support - SoundCloud

“I listen to you I feel as if I'm being entertained in a big way. What a wonderful way to start my day. That's the most positive thing I have to say. Your music is happening and should move you a long way. Magnificent sound.”

The Lord of Lightning - ReverbNation

“You've got what it takes to be successful. Imagination and belief in yourself are important qualities.Now make it happen its your time to shine.Take your chance and advance. Your music is in a class of its own.”

The Lord of Lightning - ReverbNation

“Eternal City ..very good : )”

Debbie Moore - ReverbNation

“Your music is like a beautiful painting.You have such a Classic sound.Keep up your good work and you will merit good karma that goes with it.We all know that anything worthwhile takes time”

The Lord of Lightning - ReverbNation

“Mezmorizing music with a lot of presence.Its a great spellbinding sound.Fascinating musical taste your one of a kind.”

The Lord of Lightning - ReverbNation

“Your music sounds so fine.Its sounds like the sign of the time. That great for you because its ahead of the times.How wonderful that is cause its a real goldmine! What you've made is so unique and complete.So your ready for all the competition and ready to compete.Its time to get your act together and show them that you cant be beat.Your a real power house and you ain't no slouch. So its time to stand up and shout it out. Your spectacular.”

The Lord of Lightning - ReverbNation

“You've got an awesome sound and great music. Keep up the good work”

The Lord of Lightning - ReverbNation

“Your music is like the missing link.Its so great it makes you think. You have a very important and rich sound. Bravo -- you need to be elevated.”

The Lord of Lightning - ReverbNation

“Your tracks have a strong passion and a good direction.I think your worth your weight in gold.Immaculate sound and very broad and interesting.”

The Lord of Lightning - ReverbNation

“Your in a great league of your own with that style and fabulous musical sound. It’s like a breath of fresh air in the hair.”

The Lord of Lightning - ReverbNation

“Your music has a great groove and feeling too.Its a has a frosty twist thats kool.Thats trendy.Bravo.Stay focused.Your status needs to be elevated with all of this potential ,you should be elated..”

The Lord of Lightning - ReverbNation

“Rare and uplifting songs your sound has incredible magic.Love it! Stay the best.”

The Lord of Lightning - ReverbNation

“Your songs have magical appeal.You have an underestimated talent.Stay focused.Your super koool.Stay in touch.Let me know whats up.L.Cheerio Mattie.”

Lord of Lightning - ReverbNation

“When Im listening to your music I get a picture in my mind and that is one of a kind.The vivid musical painting brings stong memories of beautiful tales and epic stories.Your sound has also a refreshing dimension to it also.It has a broad base with good foundation.Keep up the good work harvest time will be comming and you shall reap what you sow thats all I know.You are a special gifted talent.Let me know whats up.Stay in touch.L.Cheerio Mattie.”

Lord of Lightning - ReverbNation

“I am super impressed with your sounds and musical ability.I can only give you favorable remarks.Stay focused you are for real and that's the deal.Your the best. Let me know whats up.Keep in touch. Cheerio Mattie.You've got something others don't have...................................”

Lord of the Lightning - ReverbNation

"Lumberyard" is A+ ....

Crazy Synth Music - SoundCloud

“:Mother Love (Sorrow Fades Away)" is amazing!”

Crazy Synth Music - SoundCloud

“Great musicality and creativity... ! We think to hear a multi genre rockin' vibe... ! Great done... !”

Final Empire - ReverbNation

“Your music is just awesome!!”

Karen Caruso Acoustic Music - ReverbNation

“Windstorm Halo , what an AWESOME track -- totally awesome !!!”

Jim Colombini - ReverbNation

“Hi Segosha! Congratulations, Your song, “Eternal City”, is #3 in the N1M Rock Charts!”


“Excellent, good musical work, I like very much !”

Dave Haviland - ReverbNation

“We had to come back for another listen, great music Segosha, thanks for the connection.”

Alternate Rhythm - ReverbNation

“Hi Segosha! Congratulations, Your song "The Battle for Your Soul" is #1 for Rock in United States, New Mexico! June 15, 2016”

Number One Music (NM1)

“Liked your song St Michael I am a fan of St Michael. St Michael defend us in the day of battle, may God rebuke him we humbly pray and do thou oh heavenly prince cast into hell Satan and all of the evil spirits that prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.”

Starlight Riot - ReverbNation

“Eternal City great song, good voice, drums, guitar and overall arrangement!!!”

Starlight Riot - ReverbNation

“Eternal City, Post Modern Blues, Windstrom Halo, St. Michael, The Rising Tide, Iron Cage, Silver Wings, Man Against Man, Thanatos Syndrome, Children’s Screams and Heir of Gold, this is a real awesome song list!!!!”

Mask Poet - ReverbNation

“Keep jamming for our Lord, Michael/fool4christ”

Michael D'Aigle - Reverb Nation

“I've only listened to your video so far, but find a Great Artistry and expression in what I hear. Best of every tomorrow, Rj”

RJ "Raining" Blues Band - Reverb Nation


Dan Wallace - ReverbNation

“Hi. I'll admit, I just stumbled upon your music by referall from my friend's post on facebook... hidden thing...amazing song! I look forward to listening to the rest of your music.”

Megan Rivers - NM1 (Number One Music)

“Love your spiritual songs, Danny!”

LunariaN - ReverbNation

“*Wow* Great writing!”

Vagenda - ReverbNation

“Wow! Totally Wow! What else is there to say! ok so more to say. You are so talented. That's not just words but well meant. You're awesome! Thank you, Sarah”

Sarah Alvarez - ReverbNation

“I found you on NumberOneMusic.com and loved your "The Battle For Your Soul! "Glad I checked out your website. Keep it up!! :)”

Bertrand Julien - N1M (Number One Music)

“I can listen to your music all day! Great work here!”

Stevie - N1M Music

“Hey! this is the best music I've heard on N1M so far...please stay in touch, i want to follow your updates. all the best.”

Maynard Bird - N1M Music

“Your music I play on Repeat repeat repeat...”

Mark Zafferani - N1M Music

“The Battle for Your Soul is my fave! Love it!”

Gina Gold - N1M Music

“Eternal City ... Love this tune, it's pure magic!!”

Quinton - NM1 Music

“Great tracks! Rock on!”

Bert Hedrick - ReverbNation

"Spiritual Combat" ... what a cool theme! Great tunes!

Randy Smallman - ReverbNation

“Really nice music!!! i like too "Recuerdo de la Alhambra" n my mind reflect notes"Mi par di udir ancora - Bizet - The Pearl Fishers".”

Miss Sarah Trance - ReverbNation

“Enjoying your music. Great stuff.”

Larry Byers - ReverbNation

“*bow* Great writing!”

Vagenda - ReverbNation

“Wonderful music ! Love it ! Great musicianship - all the best -”

Dan Gschwind - ReverbNation

“Wonderful music ! Love it ! Great musicianship - all the best.”

Dan Gschwind - ReverbNation

“Just wanted to let you know I think "Hidden Thing" is one of the greatest tunes I have ever heard...”

Mabel Quinn - N1M (Number One Music)

“Sounding very good!”

Tom Hedrick - ReverbNation

“Keep up the good fight!”

Eusini - ReverbNation

“What a good song "Eternal City" is - full of depth, imagination and powerful melody - Spirit at their best would be proud of this.”

Chris Ingram - ReverbNation

“Big thumbs up! Hi, a big thumbs up from me. I'm glad I've found your page on here, I've been enjoying your music for quite some time. I bet you hear this all the time, but I was genuinely amazed when I first heard one of your tunes online 'Eternal City'.”

Nicholas Waagen - Number One Music (N1M)

“The Battle for Your Soul ??!! You know..I could listen to this tune all day! This one is so good! It's deLIGHTFUL.”

Minnie Bono - Number One Music (N1M)

“Hey I must tell you that I am so impressed with your music. Are you going to upload new tunes before the end of 2015?”

Minnie Bono - Number One Music (N1M)

“Danny, I Love your musik. Happy to find and folow you on N1Music. Best wishes to you on your musical journey.”

Emmanuel Clay - NUmber One Music (N1M)

“Wow! What about Hidden thing?! Sounds great, super catchy!”

Nina - Number One Music (N1M

“Strong tunes and "The battle for your soul" is an excellent one, best wishes”

Ada MIckle - Number One Music (N1M)

“Absolutely love your music!!! You've got a talent!”

Mattie Mandelkorn - Number One Music (N1M)

“It is more than a pleasure to listen to "The Battle For Your Soul" daily. Thank you for being there and making such a great music for us!”

Mark Stowell - Number One Music (N1M)


Herschel Tillman - Number One Music (NM1)

“Great music .... Very good tunes and style.”

Stefani Fedra - ReverbNation

“Thank you Danny, because magic may not be real.. but your songs are truly magical!”

Irma Geiger - Number One Music (NM1)

“I am sooooo excited for your music!! keep it coming more and more!!!”

Janet - N1M (Number One Music)

“Danny, you have incredibly amazing music!”

Antoine Moreau - NUmber One Music (NM1)

“Hi! I just stopped to show my support for your music. Thanks for creating great music that we (fans) want to play over and over.”

Mollie Hox - Number One Music (N1M)

“Great tracks!”

Muzopia - ReverbNation

“Hi! Your music is absolutely awesome and reflects my mood for today.”

Cornell Cantu - NM1 Music (Number One Music)

“Very interesting Sound! Well done!”

Fancy Hoppers - ReverbNation

“! Loving The Sounds !!!”

K. Breezy - ReverbNation

“ETERNAL CITY has just been added to my favourites on here!”

Vera - ReverbNation

“Enjoyed your tracks today!! Nice guitar work, and very original vocals.”

Helen Coleman - ReverbNation

“Segosha! Eternal City, I love this tune so much! It kept me hooked and I kept listening to it on replay.”

Alison Macondray - Number One Music N1M

“While I'm thankful for your music here on Number One Music I want to pay for the album on itunes you deserve my money. Im gonna search for it right now. cheers!”

Alison Macondray - Number One Music

“Hi You know it always feels good to listen to some good music like yours. Keep it on and never give up. Raphael”

Raphael Witt - N1M (Number One Music)

“Awesome! This is great music for everyday listening!”

Terry (N1M Number 1 Music) - ReverbNation

“Awesome Tunes! Rock On!”

Sick Republic - ReverbNation

“Nice songs. Congratulations and greetings from Spain.”

Francisco Merino Morales - ReverbNation

“Very well crafted tunes, cool lyrics!”

Painfully Unaware - ReverbNation

“☆☆☆ Great tracks on your player....i really like your work !!!..☆☆☆”

Mariah Jas - ReverbNation

“Nicely written and well performed music you've got. Keep it going.”

Steve Parisien - ReverbNation

“You have some very nice instrumentals!”

Gofer - ReverbNation

“Diggin' 'Eternal City' today. A great tune.”

Linda - N1M (Number One Music)

“Cool Tunes! I'll recommend it always!”

Drew - N1M (Number One Music.com)

“Listening to...THE BATTLE FOR YOUR SOUL Very Original Sound!!”

Vickie Wolker - N1M (Number One Music)

“You know i do like this track "The Battle for your Soul" and I think it's worth to be shared, so then many people could listen to it. I just shared it on all of my social circles. My respect for what you do!”

Roschel Wesley - N1M (Number One Music)

“'Eternal City' this is the best one I heard on N1M so far...”

Mattie Mandelkorn - N1M (Number One Music)

“One word sums up the creativity, style, and music...AMAZING!!!!!! :)”

Miguel - N1M (NUmber 1 Music)

“Good music here. playing it again today and I LIKE what i hear...”

Dennis Aldridge - NM1 (Number One Music)

“Cool sound - enjoying Narrow Gate at moment: respect”

ARC - ReverbNation

“Hello Segosha, awesome music, you guys are making, love 'Narrow Gate', great work on that.”

ndremspirit - ReverbNation

“Great sound and work... Congrats!!!”

Kike Goya - ReverbNation

“Great music...”

Magpie - ReverbNation

"Eternal City", great title! Do you write all your songs yourself?

Xtreme Degree - ReverbNation

“Great music Danny ! All the best success !”

Unknown Soldier - ReverbNation

“Hello Segosha ..>> You Have some Real Cool original ROCKING songs There !! Our Favourite is " Post Modern Blues " Only just though !! We gave you a well Deserved LIKE & Hope our Songs ROCK you!! Have a Happy ( :”

Salt & TGM - ReverbNation

“Real Cool creative Rocking sounds here!! We enjoyed your talents thank you ( :”

Salt & TGM - ReverbNation

“Keep up the great work.”

MindBent - ReverbNation

“Awesome tunes... enjoying your songs.”

DJ Antonio - ReverbNation

“Excellent music here!!”

The KHM - ReverbNation

“Greatness lives here. Thanks Man :)”

QettSevOn - ReverbNation

“Enjoying your sounds!”

Sandy - ReverbNation

“Love ur great music n vocals! "Narrow Gate"Love it!”

McKayla Reece - ReverbNation

“Stopping by to show my support. Great tracks on your profile.”

Jeff Crew - ReverbNation

“Great tracks, really cool stuff!”

The Poulsons - ReverbNation

"The Battle for Your Soul" begins softly - have been really surprised to listen what happened after the break. exciting alternative style & sound!

sevenmileboots - ReverbNation

“AWESOME tracks, really enjoyed "The Battle For Your Soul"! Wishing you much continued success!”

Bill R. - ReverbNation

“Outstanding work my friend!! Keep it coming!!!”

Mike A. Corey - ReverbNation

“Your songs are Excellent and Art , and you are a Spiritual Warrior ! Thank You for your Music !”

Leah Kremer - ReverbNation

“'Narrow Gate' is on my Sunday playlist.”

JC & Laney - ReverbNation

“Swell, highly diverse tunez. Lyricism 'n presentations all top notch!!! Keep on writin' 'n singin'....ain't it great havin' beautiful children to love 'n care for?”

BUMTUNEZ/Randy Duran - ReverbNation

“Love your work!”

Kaylin Roberson - ReverbNation

“..intense atmosphere here...”

m1015 - ReverbNation

“The Battle of your soul is very a interesting title. Nice song, nice voice, nice everything. Congrats!”

William Warney - ReverbNation

“Awesome songs.”

Valerie Hahn - ReverbNation

“Excellent tunes, The Battle of your soul has a killer riff! Love your voice!”

Quintessential - ReverbNation

“Sweet tunes!!”

Typical Villains - ReverbNation

“Great work and excellent arrangements.”

Gollop - ReverbNation

“Excellent music!!”

Vocalatti - Reverbnation

“Well done! Beautiful, passionate and emotional.”

The Blackness - ReverbNation

“Full Armor is very beautiful...good songs here,nice job!!!:-))”

Antonella Spera - ReverbNation

“Fantastic music great sound /style /nice vocals well done.”

The Timmyyzzz - ReverbNation

“Really enjoying the music here!”

Xarl (instrumentals) - ReverbNation

“What talent! Thanks for sharing with us all!”

Sara Davis - ReverbNation

“Dropping by to say its good to be in touch and I really dig your stuff. Keep it going and flowing... Peace E”

Eoin O'Sullivan - ReverbNation

“Love The Guitar Work And Lyrics In Your Music Keep Up The Amazing Work God Bless”

Mauing Moccasins - ReverbNation

“*THE BATTLE FOR YOUR SOUL. * An Xcellent composition! Peace ~XR/RG”

X-Ray IMIJ (Jimi Hendrix Tribute) - ReverbNation

“Digging SILVER WINGS in the moment.”

Ray Gervato - ReverbNation

"Silver Wings" has a catchy melodic hook. Well-written tune, no doubt. :) Nice playing too.

The Workers - ReverbNation

“Great sound. I am a fan.”

Don Tipton - ReverbNation

“Thanks for letting me hear your great talent!”

Nick ODemien - ReverbNation

“Enjoying the music here. Narrow Gate is songwriting at it's best!”

Jody Vanesky & Groovetime - ReverbNation

“Narrow Gate is songwriting at it's best!”

Jody Vanesky & Groovetime - ReverbNation

“Enjoyed listening to "Narrow Gate." Outstanding track! Will stop by to listen again. Best wishes! K. C. Beckmann”

K.C. Beckmann - ReverbNation

“i can feel ya music.. you r bless with talent..keep shining”

DJ BlackZone (The Stuggle) - ReverbNation

“Back for more of your fine music. : )”

Magic Marker - ReverbNation

“Code 5 Rock 'n Blues thanks you for becoming a fan of our music. You have many good songs here, but I have to say I'm a sucker for flamenco. "Recuerdos de la Alhambra" was something everyone should listen no matter their genre.”

Code 5 - ReverbNation

“Great songs!!”

Aira Winterland - ReverbNation

“Some great everything. Musicianship, vocals, arrangements and melodies. Good talent. today's listens: Eternal City through Let Me Break. a few of my picks: ALL OF THEM. good job..............Tony”

Extreme Dream - ReverbNation

“Excellent music, and word-play in those lyrics! ~Magicsong”

MagicSong - ReverbNation

“Listened to 3 of your songs so far, and I am impressed with the rock/alternative feel...I really liked it...keep going :)”

Cynthia Colleen - ReverbNation

“Beautiful work shining through the darkness !”

Jamie King Colton - ReverbNation

“Awesome ! I love several titles especially "The Battle for Your Soul..."”

Franky Red Cloud - ReverbNation

“Nice fresh style. EMR would like to invite you to become a registered roster member.”

EMR Records and Management - ReverbNation

“Outstanding music :) I'm lovin it :)”

Magic Marker - ReverbNation

“Excellent music :)”

Magic Marker - ReverbNation

“Excellent work here.awesome music..wishing you the very best”

Stoneme Dead - ReverbNation

“Really beautiful music here love it!”

Joe Adrian Project - ReverbNation

“Really like your music "Fully Armor" great track. Definitely a fan!”

Don Trump - ReverbNation

"Eternal City" is simply only fantastic !

Leon B. - ReverbNation

“I'm liking Eternal City!”

The Occulation Project - ReverbNation

“Diggin' your tunes. Nice work and excellent musicianship.”

Cos Grassano - ReverbNation

“Very good music! I admire and appreciate where you get your inspiration from..unique!!! Lyrics are fantastci! I simply LOVE Narrow Gate for the message you bring!!!”

Linda Gambino - ReverbNation

“It is delightful and a great pleasure to listen to your tuneful, harmonious and fascinating music.”

Keld Sand - ReverbNation

“Love your music! Full Armor is my fave!”

SereJazz - ReverbNation

“The vocal got a unique sound. Keep on rocking :)”

Mia Lotus - ReverbNation

“Hey Segosha. Great sound you have, really dig! Would be cool to work with you someday. Best wishes! SB”

Stephen Brad - ReverbNation

“Great tracks and sound. Good Work!!”

Fantasma Web - ReverbNation

“Awesome listening Danny...great song writing, production, vocals and instrumentation...Mike”

Mikedoyleentertainment - ReverbNation

“Battle For Your Soul -- rocks great!!”

Billy Cisco - ReverbNation

“Eternal City - very cool song!!”

Billy Cisco - ReverbNation

“Superb songs!!”

Eleven Thirty Eight - ReverbNation

“Great writing, great musicianship. I particulary like the guitar work. Windstorm Halo is my favorite right now.”

Robert Swain - ReverbNation

“Your stuff is awesome. Can I find some more anywhere?”

Adam Gordon - ReverbNation

“Very powerful songs, love the intensity and the melodies!!”

James Steele X-Rox - ReverbNation

“Awesome works on here! Enjoyed my stay! Very tasteful music.”

Stephane Blache - ReverbNation

“Eternal City is F-N hot!!!!!!”

Ron Fulton - ReverbNation

“Enjoying your great tracks, great sounds, guitars and vocals. Full Armor is fantastic!”

Fernando Garcin - ReverbNation

“Eternal City is outstanding!”

Del Thompson - ReverbNation

"Eternal City"! Great song! Great music! Great sound! Most enjoy listening!

LPB Band - ReverbNation

“Real nice trax man! *Battle For Your Soul is awesome/great guitar tones & energy. Peace <> ((O ~”

Ray Gervato - ReverbNation

“I had to mention, "Eternal City" is outstanding, ..those lyrics, vocals and that Impeccable instrumental accompaniment sounds excellent!....Wishing you all the best my friend, ..Pete”

The Honest Mistake Band - ReverbNation

“What an Awesome sound you have. "Narrow Gate" is nothing short of Outstanding as is "Eternal City". A real pleasure to listen to your music. Your Vocals and Musicianship are Flawless. All my best.”

Kevin Kerr - ReverbNation

“Battle for your soul is outstanding...”

Tan Bandanna Man BAnd - ReverbNation

“Listening to some great solos....guitar...and vocals.”

Harris Cyril &amp; ARACELI REYNA SPANISH{country/Folk} - ReverbNation

“Narrow Gate is incredible! Awesome vocals, great sound!”

Guerry Harbin - ReverbNation

“I admit it, you suckered me when i first heard your music here. For about 30 seconds i thought "very underwhelmed by the voice" and then i realized you were just being understated, because once the power voice kicked in Battle for you soul, i knew i was so wrong. Your style is so cool, the way you shift gears within the songs. Your dynamics are incredible, and your choices in chord construction are perfect. Rock on, you deserve a much wider audience.”

12 String Scott - ReverbNation

“Eternal City is awesome man!!”

Red Skull Ritual - ReverbNation

“Love your lyrics and your music as a whole speaks for itself. Narrow Gate is awesome! Look forward to hearing”

Opal Jaye - ReverbNation

“Excellent rock music..love it !!!”

DJ Joanna - ReverbNation

“This guy definitely keeps you interested. Well written music.”

Soldiers of Worship (S.O.W.) - ReverbNation

“Great compositions. love it.”

Soldiers of Worship - ReverbNation

“Your music is talking to me..and every music that's talking to me , I like her very much. It is that simple...You have your own personality and this is the need.”

Suzy Beja - ReverbNation

“You've really got a great sound!”

Sadie Blu - ReverbNation

“Eternal City is awesome.”

Kurt Valdares - ReverbNation

“Just fabulous!!!!!!!”

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“ETERNAL CITY.... exceptional work.”

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“Wow my friend, your music is amazing .. sooo good.”

To Be Frank - ReverbNation

“Awesome tunes. The guitar and vocals are outstanding. I can appreciate the quality of production.”

Sonny Boy Baker - ReverbNation

“You guitar skills are exceptional! I love this!!”

Ann Alday - ReverbNation

“Eternal City is an awesome blend of styles, genres and periods, never a dull moment.”

INtramentalist - ReverbNation

“Great songs, I really like what you do!”

DJ Antonio - ReverbNation

“Great tunes, great productions... emotionally impactful... best to you.”

Darren Lee Richardson - ReverbNation

“Great songwriting and recordings!”

Steve Joz - ReverbNation

“Very diverse and original! Great talent!”

Steve Joz - ReverbNation

“Very great tunes,super vocals,cheers.”

Los Diables - ReverbNation

“!Wow!! Listened to the first couple of tracks , then had to keep listening..very versatile style, love your writing and great vocals :) thoroughly enjoyed !!!”

Hillbilly Dix - ReverbNation

“Hi Segosha! It is delightful and a great pleasure to listen to your tuneful, harmonious and fascinating music. Just wonderful. I like to thank you so much for becoming a fan. All the best wishes and good luck from a Danish fan and artist.”

Keld Sand - ReverbNation

“Danny, highly intelligent music here, so uplifting, awesome changes and the guitbox is great! all in all a lovely energetic ride! your Grandma smiles on you, "SEGOSHA" loving narrow gate! love the words & your heartfelt delivery! LTW”

Laura Taylor Whitfield - ReverbNation

“Full Armor. Outstanding guitar work.”

Lady T. and the Tramps - ReverbNation

“Great texture to your sound. Dynamic level changes and cool vocals. Thanks, keep the tunes coming!”

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“Excellent music.... love Eternal City”

Mike DeAngelis - ReverbNatin&#39;

“I love the guitar it is so beautiful what a wonderful intro to an awesome song :)”

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“'The Battle for Your Soul' is one of my favorite tunes off your playlist. For some reason it really speaks to me.”

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"Eternal City"... my favorite tune of yours!

Alutha - NumberOne Music

“I'm gonna have 'The Battle for Your Soul' in my head for days now!”

Mohammad Helms - NumberOne Music

“Listening to the Battle for your Soul, it's great.”

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“Really liked "Narrow Gate"! Love your music in general!”

WoJo - ReverbNation

“You've got a great track called The Battle for Your Soul.I can soo relate to it, I love it, but I love all your sounds.. I will support your movement!!!!”

Alex Christen - NumberOne Music

“Ahhhh...I want to buy all of your tunes, but I have no money ((.”

Alex Christen - ReverbNation

“Epic music with really strong melodies”

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“Great guitar and wonderful vocals.”

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“I really enjoy your fine music..Love your Narrow Gate,Song..Great Lyrics,,and vocal.”

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“Full Armor is a great tune,great guitar work full and dynamic.”

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“Great guitar work in Full Armor. Enjoying your music right now.”

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“Inspired and inspiring.”

Tom King - ReverbNation

“You should be signed period. If your not by the time I push through,and you want to,I will!”

Syne Faeth - ReverbNation

"I just listened to your submission on the Beta Monkey showacase page. Your songs are great! I really like the way you get your vocals to sound. That's something I just can't seems to achieve, good recorded vocals. How do you do it? What equipment do you use? You mustn't put much reverb on it, as it sounds so clear & direct. Hopefully I'm not being too pushy, but I'd like to pick your brains on this?"

Simon Reich - SoundCloud

“I love your album rock! I listened for a long time! Great!!!! Thanks for sharing!”

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"Narrow Gate" - has a wonderful sound and interesting arrangement ideas. reminds me a bit of the kinks, especially in the songwriting and the voice - and i love them!

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“Love your lyrics, they are poetic, uplifting, your vocals tender and strong and your arrangements wonderful. truly impressive, danny! thanks so much for sharing,”

Janice Kephart - ReverbNation

"Full Armor"...Excellent Song!! Awesome Sound!!

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“Hidden Thing has got all the making and the hook of a radio single. Full Armor is a very intriguing composition with unexpected twists and turns. Strong material.”

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"I find your work unusually uplifting. A welcome change."

Janice Kephart - ReverbNation

"Excellent Music"

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“Brilliant songs here..really catchy, soaring, anthemic rock tunes..love the vocal style, and totally feeling the spine-chilling epic "let me break"..what a stunning track!!”

MikeWhite Presents - ReverbNation

“Great tunes !!! keep em comin.”

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“Very impressive work, Danny! I listened to the first five on your list in their entirety, and it's clear that you are a self-assured pro with great instincts. Your arrangements are creative and original. The changes are interesting and unexpected. You put a lot of thought into how each song should progress, rewarding the patient listener. Production is top notch, the sound is clean, and the lyrics come deep from within. Sounds like album #4 is a big winner. Congrats!”

Howard Lawrence - ReverbNation

"Silver Wings" -Great music and AWESOME vocals!!

Darren Cinque - YouTube

“Post Modern Blues is I think a very clear reflection of whom..we've become in our ever "progressing" society. Great work! Peace, T.David”

T. David Gohlke - ReverbNation

“Good stuff here man. Awesome find”

Nineveh Shore-ReverbNation

“Creative tracks and talent. We wish you much success! http://www.facebook.com/Badgerstatic”


“You are getting a great sound..who agents/manages you? or even who's your publicist?..basically who should i be in contact with? also do you have a demo or completed CD that you are comfortable with so that it can be shopped or used for publicity? My wife stumbled on to you here and we became fans. Jim Rose”

Jim Rose Circus

“Love "St. Michael", great stuff. Much respect for playing EVERYTHING. No easy feat. Rock on- GC”


“Hey! I was browsing through my favorites and found out that I still love your tune, "The Battle for Your Soul!" I must confess i became totally addicted to this one! I want to download it to my special collection which I'm playing while driving in my car through traffic jams!”

Denis Khorev - NumberOne Music